Polly Jean Socks

What can I say about a new pair of knitted socks that hasn’t already been said? I’m not sure but I’m going to have a go at writing about socks like I’ve never done it, possibly because I’m not sure I’ve loved a pair of socks like this before today.

polly jeans5

Maybe that’s not true. Maybe that’s unfair to the socks I’ve loved before. Maybe the first time I knitted a pair of lace socks I got all excited. Actually I’m pretty sure I did. I remember they were Koigu red Embossed Leaves Socks and I thought they were amazing. Since then, any sock with a leaf motif worked into it has been a special, personal favourite. These socks, Polly Jean, continue that theme.

polly jeans

I raced through the finishing of these late this afternoon, keeping on eye on the fading day, because I knew that the vision I had for the photos of these socks was quickly disappearing. In the front yard, under our ash tree, there’s a ring of beautiful Star Flowers (I can hear Alice even now saying ‘Star! Star!’ over and over) and I had an idea that the socks would look fabulous nestled in the green foliage, the purple stars all around. I was right. I love when a picture I’ve seen in my mind comes to life.

polly jean socks

These socks came about because of a recommendation from my friend Tanya, who some of you may remember as the knitting barrister (and she really should keep blogging, I think!). I was after something I could knit fairly simply, in company (read: at the pub) without becoming bored stupid. Tanya has knitted several pairs of Polly Jeans so I took her at her word when she said this complex looking pattern was deceptively simple. I saw then a vibrantly green pair made by my friend Melissa and knew that these were the socks for me.

polly jeans

I fell hard when I fell in love with this pattern. Such a fun knit! Trust me (and those before me) when we say that it may look fiddly and complex but it’s surprisingly repetitive and a pleasurable knit.

Part of what’s so wonderful about these socks is the yarn. It’s Blue Moon Fibre Arts Socks that Rock, lightweight in Star Sapphire. I can say, without reservation, that this is my favourite sock yarn to both knit and wear. I put the socks on within seconds of sewing in the ends and my feet, I swear, sighed with a kind of ecstasy reserved for the most sublime sock yarns. I never tire of this stuff. If you haven’t tried it give it a go. Every pair of socks I’ve made from Socks that Rock has been a soft, squishy, beautiful delight.

polly jeans - heel

There’s detail in this pattern and it’s all good. The tiny cables run down the length of the heel, the twisted stitches that, to quote Melissa in her comment on facebook, ‘wiggle their way down the foot’ in a way that is just supremely delightful.

I’m happy with these socks. Can you tell? It’s love. Love, love, love.



16 thoughts on “Polly Jean Socks

  1. These are such a pretty colour and yes they look stunning against the green foliage and flowers. I like the choice of colour for the pattern and like you I too love STR – fantastic yarn that comes in fantastic colourways – YUM !
    Sweet pattern !

  2. I have no words! I totally adore your spring stars in your garden, but am blown away by the colour and intricate lace of those amazing socks. I totally love them. I’ve never knitted socks and have shy-ed away from them as they look too difficult! I just love the lace! WOW!:-)

  3. Those are beautiful socks, and you’re right about the photo staging. Perfect! I love that you have spring flowers right now. We’re in a parchingly hot (for Portland) spell, and everything is starting to wilt…

  4. I haven’t knitted socks in awhile… not sure why, except I think the years on them gave me the skills I needed to complete sweaters that actually fit, and I decided a sweater was a more “wardrobe-useful” item than a sock and switched allegiances… BUT these may be the socks to bring me back. Very pretty!

  5. they are among the lovliest socks i’ve seen, i can quite understand the sock love. and how delightful they look amongst your stars, daffs and lupins! one day i shall attempt a sock …

  6. They’re very pretty! I walk right through 100% wool socks though, and the lace in the foot–too chilly. So I will admire yours, so artfully photographed! You must be so happy to see all the signs of spring, too. 🙂

  7. Isn’t it a wonderful pattern, and yours look amazing! Love the colour. Mine are looking a little ratty (something to do with Soldier and the washing machine), I may just get some STR and make another pair!

  8. Very nice! I also really like how the cable starts in the cuff, that is a favourite pattern style of mine (although I’ve knit very few socks which do this, heh!). And look at all of your lovely flowers! So spring at your house!

    • i like that too – so many socks just start with the same rib cuff. Doing something like this once in a while is a reminder how it doesn’t have to be done that way!

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