Early Mornings Beret

Winter seems to have returned just as the days were warming up, so my fears that the weather for knitwear was coming to a close seem unfounded.

To that end, I felt no shame in whipping up a beret over the weekend.

I’ve never made one before, with good reason. I’m scarred by a photo that exists of me from about 1983, marching on ANZAC Day with the Brownies. I’m wearing a brown beret and I’ve got it pulled down like it’s a beanie. Not a great look and the image I’ve called to mind for a couple of decades when contemplating headwear.

Why I chose to make a beret at last is a bit of a mystery. I even started it at an odd time of day. Very late last Friday night, several glasses of wine in me and suddenly I was rummaging in the stash for two balls of Rowan Kid Classic that I knew were perfect for a rich, purple beret.

I blinked and it was done.

Early Morning Beret

I then proceeded to take about 300 photos to try and get one that worked. Self portraiture is tricky! This was the best I could do. I think maybe the 11 year old me is still present. I think I still don’t quite know how to wear a beret. But I’m sufficiently taken with the idea to keep trying.

This one is a Knitbot design – her Early Mornings Beret. It was blindingly simple. I started with a plain pattern because, as smitten as I am with fancier ones (like Ysolda’s RoseRed which I am so making next) I wanted to make a plain one first to see if I would like wearing this style of  hat.

I think it works. I think I’ll have another go. This one took just shy of a single ball of Rowan Kid Classic. The second ball will be another beret, just like the first, for a friend who tells me she longs for a purple beret. Her wish is my command.

I’ll leave you with a picture from my day’s work. I’m creating a table runner, experimenting with a classic patchwork design which is called Stacked Coins. It was Sean’s idea to try it this way (I know! He’s good!) and I’m really pleased with the results so far. I took these Moda squares and cut them in half.

Moda charm squares - luna notte

A few hours later I had the first stages of the table runner done. This is just the top – before I’ve backed it or quilted it.

table runner - in progress

The black really works to emphasise the bright strips doesn’t it?



30 thoughts on “Early Mornings Beret

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  3. your beret looks great, and so soft. i’ve been meaning to knit a hat for the last two winters but never got around to it. silly really when they are so quick. you should try a ysolda lace one next! and i love the table runner, the vertical rows of blocks is very elegant.

  4. I love knitting projects when you don’t know why you’re doing them – they just take you over. ‘Frolics’, I call them. As well as being fun, this one has also had an excellent outcome.

  5. I’ve been wanting one since last winter – something maybe in between a beret and a slouchy hat. Yours looks great on you! I last wore a beret in 1985 or 1986 – it was bright red and went with my tartan kilt, red cardigan and white blouse with peter pan collar – my church outfit.

  6. I’ve knit some beret-style or slouchy hats, but I don’t wear them often, because they don’t keep me warm enough. They look awfully cute at that rakish angle, but then there’s an entire ear that’s not really covered. That doesn’t really work for me when it’s single digits out!! And berets look pretty stupid (on me, anyway) when I’m trying to pull both sides down to cover my ears. 🙂 I do think they’re fun to knit though and look really fetching when they’re done.

  7. OK, now you know I want to see the Brownie picture, don’t you? You can’t put out it there like that and then leave us hanging, right? I have the same conflict with berets: wanting to make them, unsure of how to wear them. I made a gorgeous red cashmere Rose Red once and it’s still waiting for me to figure it out… or to be brave enough. Maybe this will be the year. Let me know if you discover any tricks. And – I’m making a Koukla out of the very same yarn and color as your beret! Isn’t it pretty? (The yarn, not my sweater, which is stuffed in a bag waiting for me to have time to sew stuff up.)

  8. I’m having hat problems myself. After years of cheerfully wearing any old kind of hat with my short bobbed hair I’m struggling to work out a way to wear a hat with longer hair without having a pointy head or the unfortunate appearance of baldness.

    I’ll work it out though – not wearing a hat is not an option!

  9. I want to be able to wear hats but I just can’t seem to. You do look very Parisienne though, it suits you!! The table runner is great, the black makes the colours stand out very nicely!!

  10. I bought a beret pattern at a local trunk show because my daughter told me it “looks cute on you”. I think I look like a total goof in hats but Kate assured me that I was adorable. I bought the pattern and now have some yarn for it. I may be sporting a beret this winter.

  11. The beret looks lovely. I hated berets too when I was little. I had a scratchy felted wool Brownie one and a ghastly corduroy one too. Ugh. Knitted ones are so much nicer.
    I do like the table runner too. Very classy.

  12. I can’t believe that you’ve never before knitting something that so clearly suits you brilliantly well! I look forward to seeing many more such item adorning your head in the future…

    And I love the runner too – yes, the black does work well. I’ve just brought out a several-years-old quilt to finally finish, after which I’ll be on the look-out for fun thing like this to make!

  13. Now you know why I like to knit hats 😉 ..they are non fuss, super quick, the best way to use up one off balls and usually resulting with pleasing results.
    Knit another – or two – or three – looks great ! 🙂

    Self portraiture is always hard another thing I can vouch for..lol, I think you did well I would have been none the wiser had you not mentioned it. Your table runner is looking lovely – and yes the black works with the prrrety fabrics 🙂

  14. I do love a beret! They suit me (and I think most people) much more than a beanie. And what a lovely quick knit! And in one of my favourite yarns!

    Speaking of quick, a table runner in a day! Good job!

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