Like the sun coming out

I’m knitting a cloud. So it seems only fitting that I should take a progress shot or two of it against the backdrop of a vivid blue Spring sky. Morning sunlight suited my cloud.

lilac leaf

If you don’t recall, I started a Lilac Leaf Shawl from Knitted Lace of Estonia this month so I could have something exquisite to wear to my brother’s wedding in a couple of months. November will be warmer, but it’s an evening wedding and I think something delicately luxurious will be just the thing to ward off any potential chill in the air.

The Cascade Kid Seta I’m knitting with is perhaps a shade fuzzier than I envisioned when I dreamed up my shawl, but it’s airy and lovely and I can’t wait to see how it is all washed and blocked out when the time comes.

lilac leaf2

The middle section is long. After the buzz of the beginning section, with its shaping and nupps, the leaf motif in the middle might, if you were after something that was a thrill a minute, be called dull but I’m quite enjoying it. The gentle repetition is keeping me just tuned in enough to be interesting while being simple enough to allow for speed. I’ve got no concerns about my November deadline.

lilac leaf shawl blowing

In truth this shawl is giving me hours of dreaming. Summer, as we all know, is excellent lace knitting time and I’m excited to see what beautiful things are in store for me over the long, hot summer.



17 thoughts on “Like the sun coming out

  1. Oh! Just ooooh! That looks stunning already! Can’t wait to see it done (far before November. I agree, you don’t have anything to worry about on that score).

  2. oh bells, it’s so soft and delicate looking. I can imagine how it feels. I want to make something out of the Knitted Lace of Estonia book and that looks like the yarn I want to use.

  3. Look at that beautiful sky! I never know where or when I’d wear a shawl, but a wedding seems perfect! I can’t wait for the modeled shot at the event. 🙂

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