A Rescue Mission

For a knitter, is there a greater crisis than reaching the end of a major project, only to find that you don’t have enough yarn for those last rows? Worse still, to find that the colour you’re using is discontinued and appears impossible to find? Who among us wouldn’t sob at that point and despair at the futility of it all?

About a week ago I received an email from a man who asked if I, or any readers, might be able to help out his wife. She was knitting a jumper for their son out of Allegro, by Bendigo Woollen Mills, and needed a mere 50g to complete the project.

My first thought was to direct them to Ravelry, where people take part in these kinds of searches all the time. Someone was bound to help. The gentleman explained his wife was not a computer user and would I please be able to help. I put myself in her place, bereft of the material I needed to finish something, and said I’d do my best.

Honestly, two hours was all it took. I posted on the Bendigo Woollen Mills group on Ravelry explaining that for another knitter I needed 50g of Allegro in the colour Wild Mushroom (discontinued). Before the afternoon was out, I heard from a knitter from South Australia who had some and would happily donate it to the cause.

That might have been the end of the story. I could have asked the fellow knitter to forward it to the given address and left it at that.

Over the course of the day, I’d exchanged several emails with the kind man who was searching on behalf of his wife. We chatted back and forth and I learned that he was a professor and that he was also from Canberra. Such a small world! He hadn’t realised that when he googled and landed on my blog that he’d found a Canberra knitter. I felt that after taking the time (such as it was!) to search for the Allegro, I would very much like to meet him and his wife. Today was the day. Here is the colour.


The Professor and his wife were just lovely. It was a horrid, storm filled day today and so to sit inside and drink tea and share stories and knitting together was everything I hoped it would be. They were a warm, friendly, funny couple who talked about their children and grandchildren ( two of whom who I later met!) and capped off the experience delightfully.

I learned today not to ignore random experiences that come my way – chance encounters, moments of kindness and sharing.

And most importantly, a beautiful, cabled jumper will now be finished and worn by one of their sons. Imagine the sadness of it languishing in a cupboard, unfinished, for the want of just a few grams of wool! Now it will be worn and there will be a story attached to it about the randomness of life and the kindness of strangers who come forward to donate items they no longer need.

And after all that warm fuzziness, I’ll show you a photo equally warm and fuzzy. I met a little guy today who decided my knitting was exciting and fun. He asked for a lesson. Here we are, knitting together this morning.

knitting lesson

How amazing is his hair? We didn’t do much more than a few stitches, me guiding his hands around the needles, but I think he was pretty impressed with the experience!



21 thoughts on “A Rescue Mission

  1. Oh that is the best story ever ! ..and how amazing that they were from Canberra too, I swera the world is small !!!
    Sweet hair and sweet photo ! 😀 ..lets hope he remembers his lesson…ahha

  2. you really are the knitting macgyver!! that’s so good of you, and lovely that you were rewarded with a meaningful connection with another knitter. and that little guy is adorable!

  3. What a lovely story, Bells! And I don’t know that anything quite compares to holding a small child in the lap, guiding tiny fingers around yarn and needles. A karmic reward for a good deed, to be sure.

  4. What a terrific story. And how fortunate that you all lived close enough to get together. It’s amazing enough that you found the yarn but then to meet in person and form a connection-that’s what life is all about.

  5. Such a lovely story, I have such a soft spot for the elderly & I know your kind deed will warm thier heart. Oh & that blond kid sure is cute, must get it from his mother 😉

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