RoseRed Embossed Leaves Socks

Several years ago two knitters met in cyberspace. Those two knitters were me and RoseRed. For my birthday, the year we met, she sent me some beautiful red Koigu sock yarn and from it I made a pair of red Embossed Leaves socks, from the great Interweave Knits book ‘Favourite Socks‘.

In those days I had a beginner’s stash. There wasn’t much in it and none of it was particularly special or fancy. There was a whole world as yet unknown to me. From the vantage point of four years later, as I groan under the weight of a sizeable yarn stash, I smile at the memory of the first time I showed her my stash – a small collection in a single box – and how she confessed hers was ‘a little bigger’ than that. (Her stash is legendary, in case you didn’t know).

RoseRed gave me more of the beautiful red Koigu yarn a while ago and I think I always knew what I’d do with it, especially once that original pair of socks gave up the ghost.

This weekend, when I was visiting my parents I finished my second pair of Red (or RoseRed, as I came to call them) Embossed Leaves Socks. My sister Fee posed in them for me. She did threaten to keep them.

Embossed Leaves Socks

In case you can’t tell, I’m a bit sentimental about these socks. It was my first lace pattern, back in 2007, and such a learning curve. This time I memorised the pattern entirely. I’ve come a long way! It was easy and fun and I knew the results would be great. Koigu is a great, great sock yarn. It can’t and doesn’t disappoint. It’s smooshy, attractive and lush. A real winner. And who doesn’t love a leaf motif? You can’t go wrong.

My parents’ dog Coco (also dubbed: the Needy Pooch, because she’s SOOO whiny) got in on the act.

Coco and Red Socks

Then Alice decided the socks made great puppets. Apparently they were dinosaurs. Go figure.

Alice and Red Sock

Either way, they are lovely socks and I’m really, really happy to have myself another pair of red embossed leaves. A truly wonderful sock pattern and, for me, a symbol of what’s been so important to me as a developing knitter. Thanks RoseRed for the red sock love!



21 thoughts on “RoseRed Embossed Leaves Socks

  1. I love being able to replace items of clothing of which I’ve grown fond. It’s a double pleasure when they have such rich and valued associations.

  2. Have you knit anything red for Alice? I can’t remember. It looks like it would suit her, if that sock puppet is any indication! My sister is knitting these socks right now & asked if I ever had (she’s knit them lots, I think) and I had to explain my problem with lace patterns in the feet and how my feet get too cold with holes in the socks. So I will never knit these, but I do think they’re lovely on somebody else’s less fussy feet!

  3. Beautiful socks. I never seemed to master that pattern. Made one and tossed it away. That pooch reminds me of my two needy guys. And, of course, Alice steals the show.

  4. I love those socks too, but I think they should be green leaves!! I can accept they yours are Autumnal red leaves!! Poor Coco, I am sure she is concerned and not whiny at all. Definitely great playing socks for Alice too.

  5. Gorgeous red socks! I have to say the little puppy with the adorable brown eyes would make me melt as she is so cute, and yes she does a great job helping to model the socks. I think Alice needs a puppet knit for her now as I am sure there are lots of patterns on ravelry!

  6. The best bit about making the same pattern again is you already know you love it. When you add in using the same yarn as well you are heading to perfection 🙂

  7. I really think they should just change the name of those socks to RoseRed Socks, heh! It is my favourite sock pattern ever! So lovely in red! (I remember the first time I knit them, I don’t think I learned the lace pattern until I’d almost finished the second sock, heh! The second time around I had it down a lot quicker!)

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