A Girly Quilt in progress

I’ve spent a lovely day today working on the quilt I’m making for Alice for Christmas. Although it’s coming together so quickly that if I finish it well ahead of Christmas, I may struggle to wait.

A week ago I sewed five strips of little rectangles together and today, I joined them up with some embossed off white strips.

Stacked coins quilt top

This is only the top of the quilt – it’s still got to be backed with batting and a back and then quilted, so really this is the easy part. The main event is still to come. The pattern I’m using is here.

Alice's quilt top

When I say the white parts are embossed, I’m not sure that’s really the right description, but it’s off white, with tiny white flowers on it.  You can hopefully make it out in the next photo. My mum helped me choose it a few weeks ago as a nice way to bring the colourful strips together.

The pattern is called Stacked Coins – it’s Amish, or maybe Chinese, I’m not sure. The rectangles stack up on top of each other to form the strips. I didn’t choose the fabric for the coins myself. I used two packs of charm squares I bought from the fabulous Fat Quarter Shop in the US. So cheap! I know, I know, buy local is best but at $10 a pack it was hands down a good decision. They’re much more expensive here. Even with postage it was still cheaper than I could buy it here. Hard to go past that, even though I do feel a bit bad.

Alice's quilt top

I’m going to do a single strip of stacked coins on the back too, I think, when I decide what colour to make the back. I’ve had a suggestion from Margarita of 1FunkyKnitWit to go with apple green for the backing and I haven’t been able to get that idea out of my head since she said it. It’d pick up some of the apple green coins and would balance out all that pink! I’ve said before I don’t always want to give Alice pink things – it’s so easy with a blondie with a peaches and cream complexion to go with pink but I don’t even like pink! That’s why I chose these squares – they had some pink, but there was so much red and blue and green – it really covered all the best colours for her. It’ll be her ‘hug rug’ – a term my mum used when she made one for my nephew, Willem. A lap sized quilt for little people to wrap around themselves and feel warm and cosy.

One day I’ll tackle more complex quilting designs but for now, these simple designs are teaching me so much about the basics of quilting and it’s a way to let the pretty fabrics speak for themselves. In 2012 I’m going to do a quilting course  – at which point I’m going to have to unlearn some bad habits I think – not that I know what bad habits are yet. I’m just having fun.

And isn’t that what matters?



21 thoughts on “A Girly Quilt in progress

  1. The quilt is gorgeous. You have chosen a lovely collection of fabrics – pink but not too pink. At the inaugural meeting of the Sydney Modern Quilter’s Guild yesterday, someone showed a small quilt that was made for a challenge using eight different hand-dyed pink fabrics. It was a challenge becasue not one of the participants liked pink!

    I’m so glad you are doing a quilting course in 2012 because I know you’ve been thinking about it for a while – enjoy!

  2. I just bought some things from the FatQuarter shop yesterday. It is ever so cheap even with postage. I try to buy things I can’t source here to assuage that feeling you have!! Your Coin Quilt for Alice is so gorgeous and I know what you mean about the self patterned off white material. I like having a surprise on the back and I think apple green is an excellent choice. You will have lots of fun at your quilting course next year!!

  3. Ah, now that makes me tempted to rethink my not quilting decision. And my niece is blonde with peaches and cream. My sister dresses her in greens, browns and reds with cream to tie it all together. No pinks for her!

  4. Oh, it’s beautiful!

    We were given two hand-made, home-made quilts when Madeleine was born, but they are both quite small; one is about 80cm square, the other was sized for a cot. So neither have lasted beyond baby-hood in terms of being used. Alice will have and use this forever. Gorgeous.

  5. My oldest daughter (who is 28) still has a bit of her favorite blanket. It lives under her pillow. Alice will love the quilt. It’s beautiful.

    And embossed leaves is one of my favorite sock patterns. It is easy to memorize and just makes wonderful socks (and yes, who doesn’t love a leaf pattern?) It was one of the first pairs of socks I made out of Favorite Socks and I think the one I’ve made most often.

  6. oh yes! making things should be fun, and even more so when the results are this lovely! Alice will adore it! i’ve been watching alot of the movie nanny mcphee lately and admiring all the quilts and crochet bedspreads in it. i never thought i’d try quilting again, but it is tempting when i see yours.

  7. Lovely. I enrolled to do a quilting course when my kids were little but the shop – at Wanniassa – burnt down. Never got around to it then. One day! BTW it was me said hello to you at Sammy’s! I would love to knit like you.

  8. It’s perfect, Bells, just perfect for a little girl! I like it so much. I do want to quilt, but without time and space to really spread out, I’m just not ready yet. I still need things I can do in bits.

    I had to smile, Amish or maybe Chinese…I don’t often think of those two cultures in the same thought! There are some quilting museums in New England–I think I’m going to have to try to get to some…

  9. As a long time patchworker, another idea is to back it in a flannel type fabric – they are so great for snuggling up under! You can buy really beautiful flowery flannel fabrics from patchwork places. I actually made a whole large lap quilt (top and backing) for my 90 year old grandmother-in-law. Although your quilt is so gorgeous and so fresh and summery that you may just want to stick with a pretty cotton backing.
    Either way, it’s lovely

  10. oh Bells it is beautiful. I really love it and would love to have it on my bed (I am not hinting!). Alice will love it I am sure –

  11. I like the idea of the green backing too! Maybe polka dots? That would be fun! I like the White sashing (or whatever you call it). Definitely fresh and pretty. And I think a quilting class is a great idea.

  12. I’m no quilter but sometimes like all things in life, simple things really do turn out the better than complicated and I think this shows that. As for the green (your too sweet) that was really the two of us brainstorming it 😉 ..it would look lovely against the white though, very fresh looking 🙂

    All looking so very pretty !

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