Raindrops on Roses

A Spring shower today sent me into the garden in the late afternoon, armed with my camera and a desire to find all the ways the rain was settling on my flowers.

My newly bloomed ranunculus were such a surprise. Shocking pink if ever there was!

pink ranuncula

Delicately poised, tumbling to the ground on a moment’s breath or the tiniest bump from my hand as I get close, the little drops are fleeting worlds that I love.

white iris

They’re a mirror, each and every one.

swan river daisies

Tiny, watery mirrors. If it’s possible to enhance nature, the raindrops do a pretty good job.

A Callistemon is about to burst open but for now, water pools in its tiny branches.

red calistemon

They are pools of light.

red ranuncula

Bubbles of poetry.

rock rose

And if you look close enough, really look, symbols of all that’s good.


They might fall away and evaporate, but there’ll be more.

Sweet Pea

There’s joy in that.



17 thoughts on “Raindrops on Roses

  1. Bells, you are an amazing photographer. You just keep getting better. Do you use a tripod for these? My hands just aren’t steady enough for me to get anything close to this out of my camera. And I know it’s not the camera’s fault! 😉 Thanks for sharing your beautiful flowers.

  2. That was lovely. I liked what you said as well as your beautiful photos. We have a glorious fall day here. Cool enough to wear a light jacket with a blue sky that goes on forever.

  3. Beautiful photos! Getting out with my camera on a recent rainy day really helped me see the beauty in the grey. It’s there, sometimes we just have to look harder for it. 😉

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