Tiny Knits

I’ve never shied away from pressured deadline knitting. I know a lot of knitters do – it’s all too hard, too much like sucking the joy out of knitting. I get that. For me, those last minute knits, the ones that come with a looming deadline, are the ones that galvanise me into action and get me producing.

Knowing that about myself I sat down this morning start a very last minute knit. My hairdresser had a baby girl a couple of months ago and I’m seeing her on Tuesday. I’d planned to sew for her but my attempt at that last week didn’t work out, so I figured I’d knit. She’s watched me knit in her salon for years so I figure it’s more meaningful to give her something knitted, rather than sewn.

I took this photo this morning as I marvelled at just how tiny new baby knits are. Look, it fits in my hand!


The pattern is Baby Acacia, a little cotton singlet by my current knitting crush, Georgie Hallam. It’s part of a series called Spring Wildflowers and includes both a girl and baby version of this pattern.

It’s so freaking tiny that the whole thing can be knit on double pointed needles. I don’t even need to find a circular needle. I keep stopping to look at how sweetly small it is. I haven’t met the recipient yet, Juliette – but I know that she’s dark (Italian blood) and will look great in red Bendigo cotton (a colour that was discontinued by Bendigo in a move that was almost criminal, in my view).

As I’m knitting, I keep thinking back to when Alice was her age and  how small she was. The first garment I made for her seems so long ago. If you were around then, you might remember it.

February Baby Sweater set

Back when she was so tiny that two skeins of Koigu sock yarn produced a cardigan, a cap and a pair of booties. Wow. That set, by the way, still lives in a drawer in her dresser. Her mum pulls it out sometimes and we marvel at the size and how long ago those precious early days were. I look at the cheeky munchkin who seems to rule our lives and remember when a garment for her took so little yarn and could fit in my hand.

This little singlet makes me oh so nostalgic and so very thankful to Georgie Hallam for her unspeakably clever and beautiful designs.

But I’ve got less than 48 hours to finish it so, back to it!



16 thoughts on “Tiny Knits

  1. I am pretty sure you have finished this by now it is so sweet and I love the colour. The Bendigo Colour Choosers make strange decisions sometimes. Oh, Alice was so small!!

  2. Wow – that’s tiny. I have not knitted for babies & recently volunteered to knit some preemie hats & booties. I just can’t believe how tiny they are & I kept ribbing it out to make them bigger.

  3. tiny knits are so satisfying, and that red top will be much appreciated – perfect for the coming warm weather. and alice’s fbs set is just so sweet – as is she! i wish i’d kept some of my kids’ baby knits instead off passing them all on – they’d fit the girls’s dolls now!

  4. That’s a very sweet pattern in a lovely color (and the baby’s name is lovely, too). Good luck with your deadline knitting, and we promise not to tell your hairdresser how quick baby knits go. 😉

  5. yes I DO remember when Alice was that small. Are you trying to make me feel old sweety ?? LOL
    and agree x 1000 about BWM discontinuing the red. They never seem to get the message that we want STRONG colours in our cottons. Not all of us can do pastels

  6. I can’t believe how small babies are either! Connor seems to have always been the size he is! (although I’m glad he wasn’t that big when he came out, heh!). Looks like a very cute knit. And I agree, I can’t believe Bendi discontinued that red cotton! Nuts, they are!

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