Red Acacia

Sometimes I set myself a goal and prove to myself I can do it. It might come at a cost but I get there and it’s worth it. The cost for this one was that my hands were really sore after about five hours straight last night of fast knitting on 2.5mm needles. Ouch!

I made this little singlet in less than 48 hours, leaving just enough time to get it dry on the deck this morning in the sun that I was so thankful to see! I cast on Sunday morning, finished at 11:30pm Monday night. I’d been prepared to pull an all nighter if I had to. Turns out I didn’t need to. I can be fast when I want to and let’s face it, 3month old babies just aren’t very big.


Ok so I could have started to knit for my hairdresser’s baby when she was born three months ago. I didn’t. I meant to but she’s funny about wool (she claims she’s allergic but then I show her the nice wool I knit with and she wonders if maybe she’s not allergic. If all you’ve known is scratchy stuff, then of course you’re going to think you can’t wear it!)

But with a knitting grandmother, she knows all about Bendigo Woollen Mills cotton and has often waxed lyrical about how lovely and soft it is so I suppose it was meant to be that I would choose Bendigo cotton for little Juliette, who I am yet to meet.


And the colour! Why oh why did Bendigo discontinue the only decent red cotton they’ve ever done? Thank goodness I stocked up when I was there last year. This took one tiny little ball of 4ply cotton and I’ve got several more.

This pattern had some new (to me) techniques in the design that I just loved – the clever way you start at the neck and with a few twists and turns, all of a sudden you have the bodice of a singlet.

A bodice with ruffles. And a bow. And openings for sweet little arms. Unbeatable.


The pattern is Baby Acacia by Georgie Hallam, aka Tikki, from her Spring Wildflowers collection. If you have little girls in your life to knit for, you would do well to go and buy her patterns. I can’t praise her work enough. I got a huge order from Bendigo Woollen Mills yesterday (massive bag on the doorstep when I got home – joy!) and there will be an Acacia for summer in Alice’s life very, very soon.


ps I’m thinking of signing up for a month of daily blogging with NaBloPoMo. It’s been a while since I embarked on the crazy, frenzied push for daily output but I think it might be good for me. Check back tomorrow to see if I really did sign up.


16 thoughts on “Red Acacia

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  2. Oh, so pretty. The little ruffley bits make my heart flutter. Who imagines they’d discontinue red??? Everyone needs red. Tsk. Foolish. Go for the blogging! I love your posts.

  3. Funny. I was thinking of a post a day in November as well. I am thinking of using photos to document the month. It’s been a while since I took up the everyday blogging challenge!

    The knit is so pretty. It’s a great color and would look on so many people. I’ve often wondered how they choose which colors to retire.

    Georgie is so talented. I’m in awe of all of you. You have so many skills and talents! It must be something in the water down there.

  4. what a beautiful little singlet – i’ve often admired gh’s designs, but havent yet tried any. you knit so quickly! and i’m really keen to follow your example and order from bwm before the sale ends and the price rises, but am suffering from stash guilt!

  5. That is a very cute little vest, it turned out nicely (and quickly!).

    Why Bendigo Woollen Mills discontinues particular colourways is anyone’s guess… I’ve hoarded away some navy blue cotton that was discontinued years ago. I had assumed that navy blue would be one of those colours they’d keep around because it’s a basic, ‘staple’ colour. It lasted one season before it was discontinued!

  6. Tikki’s patterns are fantastic arent they. I am going to knit a ziggy soon for my nephews for Christmas so they should have quite a few knitwear items from me. I love yours in the red, and yes BWM always get rid of the colors I love too. It is hard to find a really true red. I think the cotton will be perfect for summer. What color are you going to knit Alice’s one in.

  7. Go for it, Helen! There are so few bloggers left from my “olden” days, it’s always a joy when I see a post from someone I knew back then. To have a month to look forward to would be GREAT! (Nice work on the dress, btw!)

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