Snow White

If ever a colour said ‘two year old’ it was snow-white. Don’t you get visions of chaotic, into everything toddlers and imagine them in lily-white clothes?

No. Me neither! So naturally, I’ve made a cardigan for Alice in the brightest, most pure-as-the-driven-snow white. It’s all finished, just needs the ends sewn in and then a wash.

Snow White

Crazy, I’m sure but it was at her mother’s request. She said ‘I think Alice would look lovely in a white cotton cardigan.’

And I am certain she would, but really, Fee? White?

She said yes with a certainty that made me wonder if she’d lost her mind.

At the moment we had that conversation, I remembered a ball of Bendigo cotton in a colour called Snow that I’d stashed away long ago when Alice was tiny and before I knew just how filthy babies could get. Soon enough I saw how many changes of clothing they went through in a day and I thought better of the snow white cotton.

I’ve been so careful knitting it, although I did unwisely take it with me to Bunnings (hardware, for the non-locals) one day to knit while following Sean through the garden hose section.

I smiled to myself as I pushed aside a glass of shiraz just now to take this photo, thinking of how it’ll probably be on Alice for all of ten minutes before it loses its purity.

I’m not sure I’ve ever been so unsure of a colour on her. It’s just crazy. When discussing this with Amy in Rhode Island just the other day she urged ‘get a photo of it brand new before Alice gets it dirty.’ Of course. It’ll be the only time it’s ever so very bright, white and clean.

I’ll try not to cry.



21 thoughts on “Snow White

  1. I never minded my kids getting white clothes dirty, they’re always amenable to a bit of bleach in the water. Much more so than bright colors that just look dingy (din-gee=American for grayed out colors). Cute sweater.

  2. Hi Bells – question for you. I’m not what you’d call a great knitter … only capable of simple scarves at this stage but have inherited a fair stash from my Mum. How do i know what sorts of projects to use the different wools for when there are no labels with them and I’m not clever enough to judge the thickness/weight by eye?

  3. It’s lovely, and will look lovely on Miss Alice. Take a picture, quick!
    I know bleach eats wool (we did a science fair project on that), but I can’t remember: does it turn cotton yellow? Be careful!

  4. Lovely cardigan & I do agree that white is not the right color for children. But I also bought my girls white dresses as they look so lovely but not for long.

  5. My daughters were flower girls in a wedding. At the bride’s request, I made each of them a white satin dress. At the time of the wedding, my younger — who rather attracts dirt and mayhem — had just turned 4. My favorite photo of that day (though unfortunately it’s blurred)? Her in her still pristine dress — but with a wicked rim of chocolate cake all about her mouth.

    That was right before hand-wiped-mouth and then self-wiped-hand-on-dress-bodice. But hey — it was AFTER the ceremony.

  6. Oh, my. That’s devotion and love, all right, for both Fee and Alice. You’re a bigger person; I don’t think I’d have done it. Alice WILL look lovely in it (she looks lovely in everything). Please do try to get a photo of her wearing it, for both yourself and us?

    If you need help overdyeing it with something, later, let me know. (It requires specialized dye and some unusual chemicals, but it’s fairly safe and easy.)

    Good luck. You’re an amazing sister and auntie.

  7. This reminded me of when we visited Paris a couple of years ago, spending a lot of time in parks and playgrounds because we brought the children, and seeing all Parisian kids dressed in their finest, playing in the dirt. I kept watching them thinking, “Now who is going to get those stains out?!” Guess I’m a housewife at heart, sadly.

  8. It does look lovely so far!

    But don’t cry when it gets dirty – the real sad thing would be if it never did (you know how sometimes people save things for “good” and then never use them) – that’s a terrible fate for a lovingly hand knit garment! Much better to be worn and maybe get grubby! And at least cotton can be washed easily!

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