The Jane Cardigan

As promised, modelled shots of Alice’s new Jane Cardigan, all pristine and new.

jane cardigan3

It’s cleaner and whiter than her face was when we hurriedly grabbed these photos today. She was in such fine, energetic form that keeping her still was really hard. We had to be quick.

jane cardigan 2

It’s a great fit – even though it does slip off the shoulders a lot. Alice herself commented on the lack of buttons and I wondered if maybe I should add something post-completion. The pattern does suggest a ribbon through the eyelets but be buggered if I could work out how to thread it through in a way that didn’t look all twisted and haphazard. Even Sean had a go, to no avail, so we ditched the idea.

It was suggested to me that I could add some crochet loops and buttons. I might do that if it persists in sliding off as she runs around.

jane cardigan

All in all a great, satisfying knit. A hybrid raglan, as the designer says, with fun and interesting design elements and construction. Yet another learning experience, and a welcome one at that.

And yes, yes it’s becoming repetitious around here but it’s a Georgie Hallam/Tikki pattern and I love it and all her work. Expect me to say that again, and again.

The Bendigo 8ply cotton I used for this (a smidge over half a 200g ball) washed up so soft and lovely. I’m itching to start something new in it! Love the stuff!


Yes, she’s wearing a crown in that photo. We took her to a roller derby disco (with a great play area for the little ones) and she went as Queen Alice. As you do.



14 thoughts on “The Jane Cardigan

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  2. It is a sweet little cardi! I like the idea of the crochet loops for buttons, or maybe you could crochet a chain (or knit icord) and attach at the point where the ribbon should come out?

  3. Alice looks so pretty in her new cardigan. I love those patterns too. I cant wait to see what you knit next for her. I also think a button would be a great idea.

  4. EEEE! CUTENESS! Adorable. Both the sweater and the child. And the little pudgy hands. Baby pudge slays me.

    Another option for you is crochet or knit cord, up near the neck. Tie in a bow, problem solved with none of the issues buttons cause. (It’s my closure of choice for infant things. Buttons to me equal choking hazard. Though Alice wouldn’t be a worry in that regard.)

  5. Beautiful (cardigan and Alice!). I’d definitely go with crocheted loops and buttons if need be, it’s a quick, simple way to add buttons post completion.

    I’m currently knitting a Lady Kina using BWM 8ply cotton, and while it is beautiful and soft, I find the cotton doesn’t move well on the needles, and my hands ache after a while. Any tips?!? I used KP Harmony needles, and then moved onto the nickel.

  6. It’s perfect and Alice looks like a Queen wearing it. Have you thought of a twisted cord, or maybe crocheting some cord if needs be? I spent many happy house making twisted cords as a child!! I love that Alice contributes to the design process.

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