Transformation. It never gets old.

I’m pretty sure that I’m not alone in loving the transformation that takes place when a piece of gauzy lace comes off the needles, gets a bath and becomes what it was always meant to be.

After the near calamity of running out of the yarn in the last stages, I managed to finish the Lilac Leaf Shawl shawl with still a week left up my sleeve to do the all important finishing. This morning, the piece which Sean noted was as tall as me (ie 160cm or 5ft 1) got a soak. It looked like this.

Lilac Leaf Shawl - wet

I have to say I think Kid Seta gets a bit matted in the wash. I hope that rights itself in the drying process. The stitch definition on the edges wasn’t what it could have been. I guess wet mohair will do that. Here it is – the full view. I’ve scalloped the long edges because I like it that way, although the pattern has straight edges.

Lilac Leave Shawl - full blocking view

We have a big table on our deck – made for us by Sean’s dad and a relatively new addition to the space – and it’s perfect for blocking knitted items! It’s a clear, sunny Sunday morning so I think it’ll dry in no time.

All pinned out the leaf motif has opened up as beautifully as I hoped. It was a bit of a slog doing so much of that fairly repetitive pattern in the middle section but it was never a difficult knit and it was only really near the end that I started to tire of it. The effect of that pattern is just so pleasing. There’s no going past it.

Lilac Leaf Shawl - leaf detail

On each end is the pattern that makes it particularly Estonian – the nupps – those little bobbles that I’ve grown to love making. I don’t mind them at all, even in fuzzy yarn.

Lilac Leaf Shawl - nupp detail

I just know it’s going to be too warm to get much wear out of this at the wedding next Saturday, even if the wedding is in the evening. I desperately wish I’d done it in a smooth yarn now, something without so much halo, because I think this will be warm, even just draped around my shoulders with a short sleeved dress. Still, even if I wear it for a bit, it’ll be worth it and there’ll be other occasions in the future anyway.

Lilac Leaf Shawl - long view

This isn’t the last time you’ll see it either. I’ll do a proper write up with posed shots in the wedding outfit next week. She’ll need to be shown off properly!



18 thoughts on “Transformation. It never gets old.

  1. arghh.. don’t you get frustrated to no end when you run out of yarn ?!.. this is usually my trick .) Well in the end all is right with the world once again, shawl is finished, blocked, and looks lovely – just how it should be 😀
    Looking forward to the wedding pics ..Oh and I love KD Lang too, lucky you going to see her live she has an amazing voice !

  2. Another glory — no surprise, coming from your needles! My wedding stole was Kid Seta and yes, the mohair makes a kind of thick halo, but it fluffs up as you wear it.

    Do you ever find you kind of miss the pre-blocked lace, when it was all pillowy and the little geometric shapes were pertly textural and only you knew how beautiful it was? I do.

  3. Wow – fantastic! And I love how you blocked it, too. (Though what a job that must have been!) I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a bit of a chill next weekend – can’t wait to see the photos of you wearing it!

  4. Oh look at that great stretch of loveliness – looking forward to the modelled shots too – jealous that you have such a great table for blocking knitting and warm enough weather to be putting it out there 🙂

  5. Beautiful! I started a lace piece and had to put it down. I need to work on it when I can concentrate. Definitely not TV knitting, at least not at first. I love the leaf motif! You do such beautiful work.

  6. So beautiful, Bells. Nancy Bush is a genius isn’t she? Her combinations of borders and central motifs are just lovely and the instructions she writes really get you through without breaking a sweat. This is going to be lovely on you, and I’ll bet the night will cool off enough for you to have it casually draped over your shoulders for everyone to admire. Congrats on another gorgeous knit!

  7. Holy cow, Bells! That is a long scarf–and a big table, too, you lucky thing, to have that *made* for you!! I am doubly impressed because of the mohair. I can’t knit with the stuff, it makes me sneeze, and it’s so sticky-to-itself. I’m in awe you knit that much lace with it. You’re a knitting goddess!

  8. I never tire of that classic leaf pattern – in my view the more repeats, the better the effect. And yes, that moment of lace transformation when you block it is so satisfying. Enjoy wearing it.

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