Acacia for Alice

I’m on a bit of a cotton jaunt at the moment. What with the weather suddenly becoming steamy and sticky, cotton makes so much sense for knitting.

You might remember a few weeks ago I made a tiny red cotton Acacia top for a baby girl. The pattern also comes in a toddler size (separate patterns) so of course I set about making one right away for Alice. I finished it last night and gave it to her when she came over this morning. It wasn’t quite dry so I ran it through the dryer and it was great. Not long after these photos were taken she got to playing with the hose with Grandad and it was soaked again! I didn’t blame her though – it’s been so hot today.

Alice's Acacia top

Such a lovely top but sadly I made it too big. It hangs off her shoulders and sits far too low on her body. You can see that in this photo.

Alice's Acacia top

My fault really for making the size for a three year old. She’s still a few months off three and is only a tiny thing so at least she can grow into it, or as RoseRed said when I sent her a photo, she can wear it over a t-shirt.

Once again, it’s a George Hallam (or Tikki) pattern and it’s fun and gorgeous. I’ll make it over and over. And the Bendigo Cotton (this is 8ply in light teal) is delightful to work with.

I think I’ll skip the ribbon eyelet holes next time. Alice just fidgets with the ribbon the whole time and it never stays done up. It’s cute but not needed.

acacia back

She’s such a fun model. She’s done this enough now that she knows how to do that whole modelling thing of turning to show different sides, declaring ‘cheese’ each time she strikes a pose. And she had to run around the yard standing in front of objects and trees saying ‘now this one! Now that one!’

And don’ t you just love the plaits in her hair? Too cute.



14 thoughts on “Acacia for Alice

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  2. It’s a great color for her, and wow, she looks like a Girl now, not a toddler. Like, overnight that change happened. (Maybe it’s the braids?)

    ps may all go smoothly this weekend 🙂

  3. It is so pretty and a perfect colour for Alice. You are so lucky she s a good model. Maybe you could take the straps up a little, stitch them inside at the back, or fold a pleat and sew through on a button through all the layers.
    It has been much warmer than usual lately.

  4. It’s gorgeous!!! As is Miss Alice! I love knitting in cotton, in fact I can’t recall the last time I made anything out of any yarn other than cotton, but in Brissy it doesnt make sense to use wool too hot!

  5. It is very cute, and great colour for Alice. I think it would be totally fine without the ribbon, but you could put a stitch in it to keep it done up, if you wanted?

  6. That’s a nice little number. I may have to look at those patterns for something for my niece! The colour you’ve used shows up as such a good match for her eyes too 🙂

  7. I need to get one of these on my needles for William. Actually, I need a Christmas project to keep me occupied while I stay at my in-laws – this will be just the ticket..

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