Lilac Leaf Shawl

On the weekend, I was finally able to wear my beautiful Estonian Lilac Leaf Shawl to my brother’s wedding. The day was, as predicted, incredibly hot with a fierce dry wind but I was determined to wear the shawl come what may, even if only for a while. Thankfully at the venue we were in a sheltered garden under shady trees so having it draped around my shoulders wasn’t unbearable. (As an aside, the day after the wedding dawned cold and wet. Would have been a much better day for a shawl!)

Lilac leaf shawl

I had planned to have a fun photo shoot at the venue in the two hours between the ceremony and the reception but once I had a glass of champagne in my hand and was chatting with family, I completely forgot. Thankfully, we grabbed a few shots hurriedly at my house before we left.

Here’s one with my gorgeous nephew Willem. He scrubbed up beautifully and looked so handsome in his shirt and tie. We loved that we matched with my blue dress and his blue tie.

Me and Willem before the wedding

Later in the evening, I got to dance with him – something we’d both been talking about for weeks. He’s a real groover and for a while we got the dance floor to ourselves. What a special moment. He’s so grown up. At seven, he’s not such a little boy any more. He was the only child at the wedding and handled the night beautifully.

I didn’t actually try the shawl on with my dress until the moment it came to get ready to go and so I was thrilled to find that the smokey grey really did go well with it. I wore silvery grey shoes, a grey flower in my hair and carried a small grey bag. It came together well. I bought the dress months ago from a shop in Braidwood called Hoola Hoop. A shop that sells American imported classic 1950s outfits for both men and women. It’s a Heartbreaker dress, as noted elsewhere by WebGoddess. I felt very much like I was in an outfit from Mad Men .

In March I’ll be going to another family wedding (Sean’s brother) so I’ve got my outfit good to go well ahead of time. No need to make my fingers ache with a looming deadline then!).



19 thoughts on “Lilac Leaf Shawl

  1. This is the kind of shawl you’ll get many opportunities to wear – people will still be admiring something so lovely and timeless twenty years from now.

  2. Will, you are a handsome guy!

    I’m glad you got a chance to wear your shawl, even briefly, and that it didn’t rain for the wedding, which as we all (except for Alanis, of course) know is *not* ironic, just sucky luck.

  3. Looky you all gussied up! I’m glad you were able to wear it even if just briefly, such lovely knitting needs to be shown off with a fancy outfit! And even better it gets a second go round next year!

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