Ambitious Knitting

After Christmas, that is to say, after I’ve finished all my Christmas knitting (and it’s going very well so far, thank you very much) I’m starting something lovely, big and more than a little intimidating.

I’m starting this. The Crown Prince Square Shawl from one of my favourite lace books, Knitted Lace of Estonia. From the moment I first beheld this book, I knew one day I’d make this somewhat ambitious piece.

And yesterday, in a surprise Saturday delivery, the yarn I’ve chosen for it arrived all the way from Webs in America. It’s a whopping 1lb (or roughly 450g) cone of Jaggerspun Zephyr (wool-silk) in a colour called Aegean Blue.


I was really happy with the photos I took of it this afternoon – it was easy to photograph which bodes well for the shawl, when the time comes! I must admit one of the reasons I didn’t go with the most obvious (because I love it) red was because it’s just so damn hard to photograph well.

Part of me wanted to make it in cream or white to be traditional, but I just knew it would feel like a wedding or christening shawl if I did. I am making this for a special occasion, but not a wedding or a christening.

It will be for my birthday, which is not until July next year, but it’s a significant birthday (my 40th!). I decided some months ago I would want to make something to mark the day, something to wear to what I’m sure will be a posh and lovely dinner in Melbourne on the night (where I intend to celebrate).

So I’m giving myself a HUGE lead time. I’m going to start it soon. Well, as soon as the Christmas knitting is done.

Let’s hope it doesn’t take me all the way to July because frankly, that’s just a bit tedious. There’s plenty of time in there, I hope, to get sick of all those nupps, put it down for a while, come back to it and get it done before I need it.

I think.



27 thoughts on “Ambitious Knitting

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  3. It looks lovely and what a great “deadline” to be working towards. I felt that way about the Baby Cap Shawl in “Victorian Lace Today” — one day!

  4. pfttttt.. 40 is nothing it’s the new 30 .) The shawl your going to tackle is will look very pretty in that blue. It will be interesting to see how much is left from the cone when your done. Looking forward to seeing it 🙂

  5. I so love that shawl! In that wool/silk it will be totally exquisite! What a fabulous idea for your 40th! I am turning 40 in March next year and am planning a trip to Melbourne with hubby also -to the Flower Show at the end of March. I think 40 is a pretty major birthday, so it is important to do something special. The shawl is a super idea! I love the blue!:-)

  6. Wow! I love that you are already planning to be celebrating in Melbourne. Chris and I turn 40 within a month of each other (the year after you)–we’re going to have to figure out a special way to mark this, aren’t we?!

  7. Oh dear, I haven’t even started my Christmas knitting yet …
    That yarn looks fabulous. Your shawl will be fabulous.
    And shortly after you’re 40 next year (happy birthday in advance!) I shall be hitting 50, so I hope that makes you feel lovely and young!

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