Knit Drink and Be Merry

It’s the time of year when I most need easy, portable and social knitting. The kind of stuff that doesn’t get messed up once I’ve had a couple of glasses of wine and am talking and not necessarily paying attention. With all the christmas parties, pre-christmas catch up drinks and all the rest of it, I need plain socks.

This doesn’t mean I need boring socks. Oh no. The fun yarns come out when the need arises for plain knitting. Enter Yarntini. A dyer with my calling card if ever there was such a thing.



It’s me. So me. When I pulled out these socks at my brother’s wedding, my younger cousin said to me ‘You’re knitting? At a wedding?’ Hell yes. It’s my brother’s wedding, the meal is over and I have a glass of wine and my family around me. I’ll do what I like! And I knitted merrily on the first of these two socks for the evening (except for when I was dancing with my nephew!).

There’s a fair bit of Christmas knitting going on but these are not Christmas gifts. These are for me. The yarn came to me via RoseRed last year when we shared the fruits of the Yarntini club over the course of a few months. I love this one. It’s called Mint Fizz.


Really there’s nothing new left to say about plain socks which is why you let the yarn choice do the singing of praises for you. Who doesn’t love a bit of self striping yarn? Round and around in pleasing circles, I’m always reminded of the Yarn Harlot’s line from Knitting Rules where she talks about the simple pleasure of self striping yarns. ‘Perhaps I’m just dim enough to get a kick out the colour changes’ she says, or words to that effect. I know she definitely says dim.

I don’t know about you but I feel a bit dim after a few drinks so there’s plenty of pleasure to be had from pretty colour changes when the work itself is frightfully boring. (They’re knit on 2.75mm dps, 64 stitch cuffs, knit top down, with an eye of partridge heel and toes bound off at 28 stitches, for those who care for the fine print.)


But then who needs thrills a minute in their knitting when the real action is taking place with your friends or family over a drink or two? All I ever need is my fingers kept busy and the quiet certainty in the back of my mind that a) the socks will be fine and b) I’m multi-tasking.

That said, these are a bit loose on me. That’s the main reflection I’ve got. I’ve started a new pair in another Yarntini colour (Alice saw the yarn and asked if it was ‘for Alice?’) and I’m going to knit them at a finer gauge, see if that helps.

Speaking of Alice, she’s been here most of the weekend. We took her shopping for seedlings. How grown up does she look pushing along a little trolley?


She’s wearing an old beaded necklace that kicks around in the car (ever since she left it there) and which she wears when she wants to look pretty. Personally I think she doesn’t need the adornment but then I’m not two-going-on-three. Maybe that demographic is all about wearing their beads to the garden centre?



14 thoughts on “Knit Drink and Be Merry

  1. Hahaha Bells! I love your posts. First of all, I think all demographics should wear beads to the garden centre! I know I always do! Little Alice certainly has a lot of style! I totally adore the socks! By the way, I’m one of those who appreciate the fine print -or technical knitting details as I probably will knit those socks with those instructions you’ve given! Love the colour!

  2. When I knit socks these days it’s to keep feet warm first and foremost, and I do like them to be simple and straightforward. If I’m feeling really wacky, I’ll throuw a cable in. πŸ™‚ So fun sock yarn is the best!!

    I had a boy that age who liked to wear necklaces too. I think he picked out a wooden one (designed for kids) with leaves and ladybugs. G now always has on a hazelwood one (to help with eczema) (I know that sounds crazy but it appears to be working) but she likes some extra fancy stuff now and then too. Oh, and I LOVE when she goes out wearing one ladybug boot and one bumblebee one. We should all be so free in our fashion choices.

  3. Apparently you can never have too many beads and baubles as a three year old!

    I love self-striping socks! So much fun! And yarntini is particularly nice! I reckon you could do them on 2.5mm sticks, that’s my go to size for 64 st socks. Now I want to start some! Must finish other socks first!

    • she sure is Jeanie. She told us she had to wear her ‘pretty dress’ today and she’s always drawn to anything she calls ‘pretty’. Then she runs around with the chickens or plays with a truck and we see she’s got her feet firmly planted in both camps!

  4. Oh, Yarntini! I had some sport weight in Mimosa, all orange and yellow and happy. Sport weight is about as skinny a yarn as I can stand: fewer stitches, faster socks. I also tend to do socks in ribbing in case they might want to be too loose.

    Alice looks determined with that trolley! (We call them shopping carts here.) I won’t get in her way.

  5. I’m a total sock knitting addict these days. I knit plain socks in pretty wool but plan to get more adventurous soon and do some patterning in them too. But certainly not over a glass of wine! I’m still the ‘frown in concentration’ type sock knitter!

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