In Praise of Tiny Stitches

Tiny stitches. Thin needles. Fine  yarn. What a match made in knitterly heaven! After finishing my Mint Fizz socks and realising that they were just a bit too loose, I set about working on another pair of socks in the Yarntini sock yarn, this time aiming to get a good, fine gauge. The finer the better.

I dragged out my not-often-used 2.25mm circular needle and decided that I needed fine gauge rib socks. Doesn’t everyone?

sunshine socks1

On the bus this afternoon, I experienced a kind of bliss. Watching the tiny stitches stack up, going around and around had me in a mesmerised state, I thought yes, this is it. This is exactly the kind of sock knitting I want and need now. With no fewer than three work Christmas functions coming up in the next week, these will get trotted out (get it? Socks? Trotted out?) routinely and will grow, despite the miniscule gauge, quite rapidly I think.

sunshine socks

To compensate for the finer gauge, I’ve upped the stitch count to 68. I’ll keep it that way and decide on stitch count for the foot when I get there.

Isn’t the colour amazingly sunny and happy? It’s called Sunshine Stream. I’m looking at the brightness thinking, where have you been all my life?

sunshine socks1

Sometimes, simplicity in the form of neat, fine gauge and uncomplicated knitting is the key. I know some people think that small needles equate to painfully long gestation but I think that because it’s simple knitting that will happen while I’m doing other things, I don’t imagine they’ll drag on too long.

And even if they do, what happiness there will be in following those colour changes and all those delightfully tiny stitches.

That said, watch me cast on a pair of chunky mittens or something some time soon just for contrast.



16 thoughts on “In Praise of Tiny Stitches

  1. 2.25mm are my go-to needles for socks, too, Bells. Somehow they always seem to fit better. And I don’t even up the stitch count. Most socks I make are in the 60 to 64 stitch range…

  2. I just completed a cape-thingy on size 17s… and can’t tell you how much I MISSED working with the little guys. I think a three or a four might be my favorite size… but you’re making me want to take on socks again. Which wouldn’t be a bad thing, considering my considerable sock yarn stash!

  3. I am doing a pair of socks on 2.25 needles, too. They do take longer (and I added a few stitches, too) but I love the the look of the tiny stitches and the fabric they make. It’s very satisfying.

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