Deck the Balls

For the first time I’ve done some christmas decoration knitting. Call it getting in the spirit because I’m hosting Christmas for the first time, but something hit me a few weeks back and it was then I remembered a lovely little pattern I saw last year. Do you read Peaceful Knitter? Sonia is a lovely knitter and has designed some of my favourite patterns including a hand towel I’ve made several times.

Last year she came up with a beaded ornament design and I am somewhat mystified that I remembered it a year later, when I’ve never made decorations before. This was my first one.

purple ball

It’s made from leftover purple wollmeise. It’s great for leftover sock yarn usage, this pattern! I applied the beads individually with a tatting shuttle. I hate the idea of pre-stringing!

Next I made one from my leftover Mint Fizz Yarntini.

green ball

I was rather happy with this one! Then I went a bit crazy on ebay and bought different coloured beads. So was born the Socks that Rock ball.

silver ball

I really love this one and plan to make several more as little gifts and for the tree. Alice is visiting for the night tonight and she stopped her games long enough to pose for me. I like to think this is her saying ‘Merry Christmas’ but actually she’s saying ‘Cheese!’.


i can make one of these in an evening. They’re bite sized, fun and make me feel like my Christmas tree is just a bit more personal now.

Pattern here – Deck the Balls.



13 thoughts on “Deck the Balls

  1. I love the knitted ornaments as they look gorgeous with all the beads. I have always wanted to knit ornaments for the tree but can’t seem to find the time.

  2. I’m amazed with how Alice has grown; look at her! It’s been such fun watching her grow up with all your lovely knitted jewels. Merry Christmas, Bells! Many thanks for all that you’ve given us 🙂

  3. Thanks for this great idea and pattern link. I shall rattle a few off over the weekend. I have truckloads of plastic beads around the house which the kids have outgrown but I could never bear to throw away. Finally something useful to do with them!

  4. I, too, see myself knitting one of these as a first beading project. Bells, you’re a trendsetter! Now if I only hadn’t agrivated my nacent carpel tunnel syndrome with too much cotton crocheted soap sacks… both wrists are in braces today. Hard to type, impossible to knit/crochet!

  5. i love these! you can never have too many knitted decorations in my opinion. i’ve always been put off beads by the pre-stringing thing – your tatting shuttle technique sounds very intriguing.

  6. Adorable! I’ve been meaning to make a couple myself (that 55 Christmas Ball Book craze tempted me….) but haven’t quite yet. But these beaded ones may take their place!

  7. They are very cute! I still haven’t done any beaded knitting, this I’d probabl a good place to start! Although I did just buy Arne & Carlos’s 55 Chrismtas Balls book (fair isle ones) so I need to give them a whirl too! My dream is to one day have my tree enitirely decorated with handmade ornaments.

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