Now that all the Christmas knitting has been given to recipients, I can of course start showing what I made. First cab off the rank is the shawl I made for my sister, Adele. I’m awfully pleased with it and so I think is she! Here it is.

karise shawl back view

We didn’t plan on having her dress and shawl match but she arrived on Christmas day wearing the dress so we quickly set about taking the photos. Perfect!

The pattern is Karise and it’s a design by Kariebookish, a Dane who lives in Scotland. Isn’t it lovely? It’s made from a single skein of Cascade Heritage Silk, a lush and lovely yarn which was procured for me by a friend in Brisbane from Tangled Yarns. The colour is Purple Hyacinth.

I don’t think Adele knew what I was making for her, although she tells me she did see reference to it on my twitter feed at some point (spying!! Who knew!?) but I did ask her a while back what colour she was fond of wearing at the moment. She said purple.

So purple was what she got. With beads. I knew she’d love some extra bling.

karise - detail

They’re just little glass seed beads (size 6), lined with silver. Pretty and so fun to work with. I love beaded knitting, I’ve decided. There will be more of it!

delly and shawl1

I got to see Adele wearing it over Christmas. It was cool here in the evenings (and hardly warmer during the day) and so it got plenty of wear. It gave my mum and idea and she asked for a shawl to wear too. So out come the box of shawls and all three of us sat around the table on the deck facing the chill in the air with luxury yarns draped over our shoulders.

This was a lovely shawl to knit. The stocking stitch centre was soon over and the good stuff began with the pretty lace pattern and the beading. That too was over quickly. I think it all took about three weeks at most, possibly less. I did an extra repeat of the first chart and could have done more. There’s plenty of yarn left.

I need a shawl for myself made of Cascade Heritage Silk. It’s so soft and lovely.



17 thoughts on “Karise

  1. She looks so exotic, peeking out from behind her purple silk shawl! I like the beads, too. Oh, and she has purple nail polish on–she wasn’t kidding about being fond of purple at the moment!!

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