Spring Garden Tee

In my seemingly endless quest for cute summer garments for Alice, I made a sweet little top for her called Spring Garden Tee. I hadn’t intended for it to be her Christmas present but when it became clear I wouldn’t have her quilt done on time, it became her gift along with some books.

Here she is, chilling out at Christmas in her Spring Garden Tee. I love, love love the little lace cap sleeves!

alice in tshirt

It’s made from Bendigo Woollen Mills 8ply cotton in a colour called Daffodil. When I did a Bendigo order a while ago, I gave Sean the colour card and told him to choose something for Alice. Daffodil was his choice and it’s a good one. Yellow (or lello as she calls it!) works!

It’s a nice little pattern, by Alana Dakos. Slightly oddly written in that she has you put the sleeves on waste yarn to be bound off at the end. At the suggestion of a friend who had just made it for her daughter, I bound off the sleeves and kept going with the body. It seems utterly pointless to hold off the finishing of the sleeve caps until the end.

Here’s a shot of her wearing it standing up. We got her to pose with Willem (or Lillem!) during our Christmas festivities. They had lots of fun.


And another one.

willem and alice pose

I love that this top is both pretty and practical. Not to mention easy care. I think I’ll whip up another one fairly soon, in a different colour, because I can see it getting a lot of wear. I might make the next one a little longer though since she’s bound to shoot up like a weed over summer.

I’m pretty sure this is my last finished piece for the year. I’ve spent the last couple of days faffing around with starting stuff, ripping pieces out that I know I won’t finish and mulling over where my knitting will go in 2012. It’s always so fun to plan and wonder where I’ll be a year from now.



13 thoughts on “Spring Garden Tee

  1. Such a sweet pattern and a great little girl’s knit. Loved your sis’s shawl too – fab colour. Nice to catch up with you, hope you’re still enjoying your hols with plenty of wine and knitting.

  2. I love the shots of them together – they really do look like they have a load of fun with each other. Can’t wait to hear about your knitting plans for 2012 – I was trying to come up with a few myself, but they are mostly about finishing projects/yarn I started/bought in 2011! Odd about the sleeve bit, btw. I wonder why it was written like that…? In a baby sweater I finished awhile ago, the sleeves were held on separate needles to be bound off, but that was because they were knit from cuff up, but the bind-off needed to be from sleeve down. So that made sense (though in the end I decided the pretty bind off wasn’t worth it on the sleeves).

  3. I love the pictures of the two of them together! And that’s a great little top. If I thought mine would wear a knit top in the summertime, I’d make it myself…but I don’t think she will. (Half the time I can’t even get her to wear a winter coat in December in New England.)

  4. I bought that colour (along with two shades of pink and a lavender) in the hope of having a grand-daughter one day! It is beautiful and soft and the pattern you have chosen for Alice’s tee is gorgeous.

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