Thirty Projects – 2011

I think 2011 was a good year for my knitting. Looking back, I can see I dug deep into my stash and used some yarn that had been there for a while – and which in some cases I’d been saving for goodness only knows what. Why save? Use it up, I say. And use it I did in 2011. I had fun.

Finished projects 2011

1. Kai-Mei socks for Adele, 2. 198yds. of Heaven, 3. Featherweight Cardigan, 4. Willem’s Jacket, 5. Knotty Gloves, 6. veyla1, 7. Alice’s Swirly Hat, 8. Dashing mitts, 9. headband – close, 10. honey1, 11. Baby Surprise Jacket, 12. Alice in her new purple cardigan, 13. Embossed Leaves Socks, 14. Alice’s Acacia top, 15. Egeblad Doily, 16. In Threes Cardigan, 17. Nutkin socks, 18. Blue and Silver Baby Surprise Jacket, 19. jane cardigan 2, 20. Lilac leaf shawl, 21. karise shawl close up, 22. willem and alice pose, 23. mintfizz, 24. purple ball, 25. silver ball, 26. green ball, 27. acacia3, 28. Early Mornings Beret, 29. polly jean socks, 30. Adele’s Swirl Hat

Over the coming days I’ll do a retrospective of different categories. It’ll be for my amusement mainly but it’s always fun to share.

Just going through the photos from last year this morning has made me stop and think about what I knitted, what yarn I used, where my energies seemed to lie. I felt like I knitted almost entirely for Alice in 2011 but as you’ll see when I do that write up, it wasn’t that much at all. Not when I think about how many items for her I looked at and thought about knitting.

And I really thought I made more cardigans than I did.

The year ahead is always filled with so much promise. I recall at the start of 2011 wondering what I’d be able to look back on when the year was over, what plans were fulfilled and which were abandoned.

There were a few abandoned plans this year, several pieces of lace that never came to fruition, a couple of cardigans that I ripped out and are best forgotten.

But generally, as long as I’ve got a lot of happy knitting memories to look back on by the end of the year – lots of colour, a range of fibres, projects of different sizes and a few new skills thrown in, then I feel satisfied.

And if the people I love most are wearing some of the results of all those countless stitches and hours devoted to their creation, then I think it’s safe to say I can feel pretty good about my productivity and the fun I’ve had with it.

Here’s to a bright, colourful and ultimately squishy and soft 2012.



18 thoughts on “Thirty Projects – 2011

  1. I agree – it’s not how much, or even what we knit that counts, but whether we are happy knitting it and whether we are happy with the outcome – whether that be a gift, a donation or a frogging!

  2. Happy New Year Bells! That’s a lovely collection of projects you’ve got there. I hope 2012 brings you everything you wish for, both on and off the needles! x

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  4. I think the very best part is seeing something that is the product of your hands being worn and loved by someone else.

    Happy New Year Bells.

  5. Your year’s knitting has been both productive and varied – such a range of yarns in particular. Like you, I love knitting for family and friends – and also like you, seem to have been blessed that they appreciate what I knit for them. Best wishes for 2012 knitting.

  6. Happy 2012 Bells – great knits there – I agree that it is so lovely to see your stitches adorning loved ones and I particularly love the ideas I get from your great knits from Alice – even if I’m sooo slow to put any of them in to action!

  7. 30 beautiful projects, Bells – well done on a very productive year!

    and the fact that you “had fun” makes it even better, in my opinion 🙂

    here’s to a great 2012 for you xx

  8. What an awesome effort. I’m going to do something similar with photos of the food I’ve cooked.
    For what it’s worth, I love your Featherweight Cardigan and Alice’s Purple Cardigan the most. Gorgeous.

  9. Happy new year to you, Bells! You’ve accomplished a lot this last year. I hope this year is equally fun and productive! And I love all those pictures of Alice peering out of the mosaic.

  10. Seeing everything laid out there like, that, all the colours, the stitches, it must be an incredible feeling (much like when I see all my scrapbook pages come together in a book). Same sense of satisfaction, different craft. I aim to do more knitting in 2012. I received a delicious huge Myer bag full to the brim of wool (all 100%) the other day, from a friend who now has arthritis in her fingers and can’t knit. Colour me happy! Now I know she will receive as much satisfaction seeing what I create with these beauties, as I will in knitting with it.

    Best wishes for 2012.

  11. It is fun to look back on the knitting year! I was surprised at how much I’d got done too, and the variety. But I really want to make more cardigans this year!

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