Knits for Little People in 2011

Continuing on in the series outlining what I made in 2011, I’ve gathered together all the knits I made for little people in 2011.

Most were of course were for Alice – because little girl knits are just the best. I made only one for Willem which, although a sizeable and significant project, looks rather lonely. I’ve got plans for him this year and they’re all exciting!

Little People Knits 2011

1. alice in tshirt, 2. In Threes Cardigan, 3. Alice in her new purple cardigan, 4. jane cardigan 2, 5. Alice’s Acacia top, 6. Willem’s Jacket, 7. Baby Surprise Jacket, 8. Blue and Silver Baby Surprise Jacket, 9. Alice’s Swirly Hat, 10. headband – close, 11. acacia3, 12. Alice. Purple Cardigan. AFP Park

I absolutely loved making two Baby Surprise Jackets, almost back to back.

Blue and Silver Baby Surprise Jacket

After years of meaning to get around to them, dressing two lovely newborns in them was just so special.

Baby Surprise Jacket

The red one in particular was extra special because it went to a baby I didn’t know, requested by a grandfather who felt his first grandchild should have something handmade – a job that would have been undertaken by his late mother. That was lovely.

My favourite Alice knit was the In Threes Cardigan.

In Threes Cardigan

It came together so beautifully, and I love that I made it from leftovers from Willem’s Alex Jacket. It made them even more connected.

Willem's Jacket

There is a world of fabulous patterns for little people out there – and before I knitted extensively for children I really didn’t know how satisfying it could be. When Alice shows up at our house with her bag for the weekend and packed inside are garments I made, it makes me smile like a lunatic to dress her in them in the morning and watch her run around the  yard or markets in something that came off my needles.

There will be more of this in 2012. I’m absolutely certain of it.



10 thoughts on “Knits for Little People in 2011

  1. Wow – that’s a lot of little projects. Two littlies will be joining the mooncalf clan this year so I’m eyeing these tiny knits with renewed interest 🙂

  2. How lovely for you that she wears them. I have made baby blankets and watched as they sat in a drawer because they were “too good to use” (or mum was too unsure of washing and drying handknits).

  3. Such a great collection, Bells. I’m another fan of knitting for children – and they make wonderful models! I just wish my grandchildren lived in climates that made knitting more necessary.

  4. What a gorgeous collection of kid hand knits, I love them all! I love knitting baby/kid clothes, as it’s so satisfying and most of the time they look absolutely adorable!

  5. Little people knitting really IS the best. They don’t complain things make them look fat, or pale, or whatever it is we big people always complain about. Plus, they over much quicker! 😉

  6. Knitting for kids who love the hand knits is so satisfying, isn’t it! Look forward to seeing what you have in store for Willem, will no doubt be good inspiration for me, for later.

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