Forest Canopy Shawl II

Four years ago when I ventured into lace knitting, the Forest Canopy Shawl was my first piece. It seemed difficult at the time. I had to really concentrate. The finished shawl became an instant classic in my wardrobe. It goes with everything. I wear it all winter. It was made of Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn.

Forrest Canopy Shawl

Four years later, I’ve earned a few stripes in lace and shawl knitting and so I revisited the Forest Canopy pattern because I felt over the break that I wanted something comforting to knit. I had a feeling that my very first lace piece was going to be just that and it was. It worked up in about 9 days between entertaining guests and watching a lot of DVDs in the heat.

It was everything I remembered it be – a delightful pattern that’s easily memorised. An all over lace pattern, I think it’s beautifully effective. If you were looking for a thrill-a-stitch piece, this wouldn’t be it. There is nothing exciting about this pattern. But it’s a simple, reliable pattern that proved itself again to be worth making.

It’ll be light enough to wear on cooler spring and autumn days, or even slightly cooler summer’s nights. It’ll be tucked inside coats in winter, just like the original and it’ll be much loved.

This time I used some yarn I’ve had in my stash almost as long as I’ve had my original Forest Canopy Shawl. Liza Souza sock yarn in Sage. I have to say this was kind of scratchy to knit with. But it was a generously sized skein so I got about three extra repeats of the pattern out of it and it’s washed up nicely.

I don’t think this will be my last Forest Canopy. Can’t imagine it.



23 thoughts on “Forest Canopy Shawl II

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  2. Oh that was the first lace shawl I knitted too. Mine was tiny because I wasn’t sure how much it would grow when I did this legendary ‘blocking’ thing πŸ˜€

    It is a great pattern – I should knit another one too. Love yours!

  3. Oooh, I really love that shawl! I have so many things on my “to knit” list, but that forest canopy is terribly tantalising!:-) Love the colour of the yarn too!

  4. Lovely. I have yet to make that pattern but I might just do it one of these days. Happy New Year, look forward to following your knitting adventures for another year

  5. It certainly is gorgeous!

    Susan (The Catsmum – Susan in Stitches blog) has knitted so many Forest Canopy Shawls she has lost count! I think she got good value from purchasing that pattern and so, it seems, will you.

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