Creative January

January is cold so far. This is an odd sentence. In this part of the world, it’s meant  to be hot, scorchingly so. But it’s not. While this is brilliant for knitting and quilting, it’s not so great for the garden. Growth is slow, ripening almost non-existent.

I’m consoling myself, both on the weather front and the fact that I’m back at work, with knitting and sewing. How comforting it is to even write that sentence. There are so many circumstances in life where that’s a fitting sentence.

Anyway, life goes on and in the absence of any finished knitting to show you, I thought I’d share some recent photos. You’ve probably seen most of them if you’re on facebook or instagram. For those of you who aren’t, here’s a tour of all things creative in my world right now.

I made two little matching reversible pinny dresses for Alice and another little girl I know. Alice hasn’t received hers yet but will have it by the end of the week.


I needed to make these to restore my faith in my sewing skills, which have suffered a bit lately. This worked.

I’ve discovered the marvel that is Cascade Ultra Pima. It’s lush and highly addictive cotton and I can’t get enough of it. This is becoming something for Alice (big surprise there).


I’m in the grip of a cast-on frenzy at the moment (well, relatively speaking. I’ve not started too many new things, but there are a few). This gorgeous yarn (spun by 1FunkyKnitWit Margarita) is becoming a Hitchhiker scarf. It’s a match made in heaven.

Starry Night.

See? It’s gorgeous.

Hitchhiker scarf - aka Douglas Adams scarf in Starry Night.

I’ve nurtured my first artichoke bloom. I have grown them for the first time and rather than eating them, decided I wanted to see how they flowered, because I knew it’d be spectacular. Look!

Blooming artichoke day 7.

And I’m hand quilting Alice’s Christmas birthday quilt.

My first attempt at hand quilting. Could be at it a while!

I still can’t believe I’m hand quilting. This came as a shock. Like I’ve said before, never say never. I’d like to finish this soon because there’s a new quilt in the pipeline and my mum is making it too. She’ll leave me far behind if I don’t get a wriggle on.

So that’s January. As always, never enough hours in the day for it all. I hope you’re feeling busy and productive in your creative life too.



17 thoughts on “Creative January

  1. I have done some hand quilting in the past and have always enjoyed it. It’s like garter stitch. Slow and peaceful and not very taxing mentally. It’s a nice soothing project.

    The dresses are adorable. Such nice bright colors. I own several pima cotton sweaters (from LandsEnd) and they are the best. Warm but not too warm and they don’t pill and they last forever. It’s a great yarn.

  2. You already know how much I love those little dresses, however I was confused I thought they were tops when I saw them on FB, top dress I still love them and the fabric ! .)
    Your hitchhiker is looking so lovely and, I’ve just CO another Baktus. I love both these designs, they are simple and so effective. Glad your liking the yarn choice and pattern. I’ll be looking forward to seeing your quilt finished, as I’m sure you are .)

  3. You are very crafty with all those lovely projects. I wish we are having cooler weather as it has been very hot & humid here that knitting is almost impossible.

  4. great snippets of inspiration here! those yarns look lucious, i’ve been yearning for a cotton yarn with a bit of sproing, and that cascade one looks like it’s the go. and hooray for hand quilting, i think it looks lovely.

  5. I enjoy hand sewing…it’s more sociable than machine sewing, too. Lovely pictures as always. It’s cold here too, but then, it’s meant to be! (And yay, great Hitchhiker!!)

  6. You have been creative and I am glad you hopped straight back on the dewing horse’s back. Lucky Alice, the green cotton looks so lovely. Handquilting is oddly therapeutic. I like the slow and sure pattern and progress.

  7. Those are truly beautiful yarns – wonderful colours. And the artichoke is stunning. I’m planning to grow some this year. I think I’ll let a few flower as well.

  8. Oh love that yarn + hitchhiker. What an awesome match. Isnt the pattern fun??! I get so much wear from mine I might just have to make myself another one 🙂 Love the pinnys too, very cute.

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