Sunshine Dress

You might remember a couple of weeks ago I made two matching pinny style dresses – one for Alice and one for the daughter of a friend.

Here’s how they were just after I finished them.


I’m told the Queensland based recipient of one of them has started calling it her Sunshine Dress and so the name stuck.

Here’s Alice in hers, taken yesterday morning in front of my zucchini patch.

Alice in a yellow dress I made.

Blondes in yellow! Such a great combination. I love it! The dress is reversible but this is the side she chose to wear on our outings yesterday.

sunshine dress

Once again, it’s the same pattern I’ve used about half a dozen times for Alice – the Lizzy Pinny. Always a winner. I’ve been making them for about 18 months now so for fun, here’s Alice in the first one I made for her in September 2010, back when I was a total newbie.

Lizzy Pinny - Pink Side

Such a cutie. So little. I’m totally ready to move on to slightly more complex dress patterns, but this one is just such a winner with its simplicity as a sun dress. She gets so much wear out of them and I love choosing which fabrics work for a reversible pattern. I don’t think this will be my last!



23 thoughts on “Sunshine Dress

  1. That dress is too cute! It looks lovely on Alice, yellow really is a great colour on her. Simple things made well are always better I think. And reversible is always good (I hate finishing seams!).

  2. You do such a great job. I sewed a few little things for my children when they were little. I’m a God-awful seamstress and it was probably abuse for me to take them in public in such rags!

  3. Alice was still a baby girl in the older photo, she’s a grown up girl now. Love the dress, the sunshine dress is a perfect name. I am sure you are ready to move on to more challenging patterns too.

  4. Holy cats, she looks like a kid instead of a baby already! I love the baby picture; she looks like she fell on her bottom as soon as you snapped the picture. Nice job, Auntie Bells.

  5. That’s an awfully cute dress, Bells, and an awfully cute model, too. And what a nice one you are to make one for her friend. I love that yellow fabric–what is it?

  6. The dress is gorgeous – and so is Alice 🙂 She’s growing up so fast! I had a lovely time making things for my niece when she was little – but she’ll be 21 in April – so nowadays I knit her beanies and lace mittens rather than pretty dresses!

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