Black and bling

It’s been a while since I knitted black lace. I in fact didn’t think I’d do it again since the last one, which I made in 2009, took me so long. If you were around you might remember my Myrtle Leaf shawl from Victorian Lace Today. A long time in the making, it was lovely and worth it, but I said it’d be a long time before I did black lace again, even though the results are fabulous (yes I was trying to emulate the photos from Victorian Lace Today!)

Myrtle Leaf Shawl with Willow Border

Well not only am I doing black lace again. I’m doing black lace with bling. Or beads. I present the beginning of Billie Holiday, an elegant black, beaded shawl which I’m completely loving.

billie holiday in progress

I have a friend who finds patterns on Ravelry that I’ve never seen before. She sends me links to patterns that are sometimes outside the popular range. They are often patterns that very few people have made, patterns that are a bit different. They often come just when I’m looking for something different and remind me that we can all get into ruts with how we use search engines.

Billie Holiday is a semi circular shawl, in a shape I’ve not made before. If you follow the link you’ll see what I mean.

Here’s how mine looks so far.

billie holiday 2

I’m even using yarn and beads that my friend gave me, leftover from hers. Lotus Yarns ‘Miya’ which is part mink. Mink! I know! It’s lovely. I did some reading on modern mink yarn production and it’s safe to say no minks died in the production of this yarn.

Unlike many other shawls I’ve knit, this one starts from the long edge, casting on 341 stitches. Let me just say that was not fun or easy and I two or three rows in I mucked it up and started over, but it was worth it and we’re getting along just fine now.

So really I just wanted to show it off, to show you what I’m knitting and to tell you that black lace and beads are fun and thrilling, if you’re into that sort of thrill, which I am.

billie holiday

I can’t wait to have it finished. Which reminds me – I must stop casting on new fun stuff. I really want to have something finished!



13 thoughts on “Black and bling

  1. That is a lovely pattern — different from the millions of shawl patterns out there. You are brave to knit with black — something I have yet to dare (unless it was fair isle paired with white!)

  2. that is going to be so very gorgeous! really like the pattern too. i’m very interested in your method for attaching the beads – you should do a tutorial when you get time!

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