It’s raining, it’s pouring

We’re setting into a period of steady rain here, and for summer it’s oddly cold (I am wearing a knitted cardigan today, in February. Amazing!). All i want to be doing right now is sitting at home, rain outside, working on finishing a little shrug I’m making for Alice so that I can start swatching for something new for me.

Here’s the shrug in progress. It should be finished, washed and drying by tomorrow morning which is handy because Alice is spending the weekend with us.


Like RoseRed and others I’m stockpiling yarn and ideas for the cardigans I want to knit for winter. I’m itching to get stuck in. Hours have been devoted  in recent weeks to matching yarn and patterns. There are cardigans’ worth of yarn I’ve had set aside for some time and I’m going to use them, instead of buying anything new. Revolutionary idea, right?

My top five patterns at the moment, receiving heavy consideration are Seamair by Amy Herzog, Blair by Thaya Preece, Driven by Veera Välimäki, Iced by Carol Feller and Estelle by Linden Down. In a way I think I have to stop looking for Winter 2012 patterns and just pick one and start because I keep finding new ideas and it’s quite paralyising.

However, just because it’s cold and wet this week, doesn’t mean it’ll stay that way and I’m sure there’s some summer left to be had, so I’ve got some time to think.

I’ll leave you with something that’s thrilling me in my garden at the moment. My sunflowers. Their big, happy faces (which are under constant threat by the cockatoos that sit over head waiting for them to be ripe) are such a wonderful addition to my garden. I think, like daffodils in spring, I must always have sunflowers in summer.

Bumblebee meet sunflower.

Almost the end of the week. It can’t come soon enough.



16 thoughts on “It’s raining, it’s pouring

  1. What glorious ideas -first jazzy beaded black lace, now this list of cardis! Enjoy the process of choosing and swatching – the anticipation is so much fun! (hm, echoes of Dr Frankenfurter)

  2. Hi Bells, I’ve just found your blog and yes, it’s been the strangest summer in my 30 years of living in Canberra. Lots of lovely plans for winter knitting in there, and that Olearia shrug is the sweetest knit, looks gorgeous on your Alice.

  3. And the Crimson Rosellas demolished our seed heads in one morning!
    At least Ernst got some video of the ‘raid’.

    Gae, in Callala Bay

  4. ooh, I always love checking out your to-make lists – you find the loveliest patterns!

    alice’s new cardigan looks very sweet, too.

    Hope the rain passes after it’s done some good but before it outstays it’s welcome 🙂

  5. What a lovely sunflower!! Lucky Alice, is the shrug green??
    I am obsessed with cardigans, I have two that need to be finished and then I can start a new one. I have so many in my queue, which is not technically a queue but an Ideas storage area!! I like Seamair, oh yes, and Blair too, I’d need buttons for Driven but I think it very swish, Iced is very stylish but Estelle is so cute with the lace!! Happy choosing!!

  6. it’s funny that knitters can find solace in, even embrace, rainy weather! love that sunflower! i’ve been wanting to grow some for ages, maybe next year.

  7. Love the sunflower! Love the bee! You’re having a cool summer, we’re having a warm winter, blame La Nina according to the weather folks. Got our first seed catalog last week. Now I’m dreaming of growing pots of leaf lettuce and marigolds. Also basil for pesto. And shallots. And… oh, one of everything! I’m tired of the icy drear.

  8. Oddly, we are having the warmest winter here! Hardly any snow, and yesterday it was 60 degrees! Crazy. Love your sunflower pic, and love your sweater choices, too. Tough choice! Have fun with Alice over the weekend!

  9. I wish I could wear a cardigan or knit one as it had been so hot here. We had rain last night but it did not cool down. I can’t wait to start knitting cardigans.

  10. And the rain can’t go away soon enough! (Sorry, but I’m becoming blue with all this grey!)

    Sounds like you’re preparing for a wonderful winter of knitting.

  11. I wish I could grow sunflowers! All the really sunny places are too close to the edge of the yard, where the critters live, and they get eaten before they get tall and glorious. Beautiful picture.

  12. Yes, just start knitting a cardi! I have to do that too!
    Isn’t it weird to be wearing a cardi in summer! Weird and wrong! I really want some warm weather, preferably sooner rather than later!
    Look at that sunflower with matching bee! Great photo.

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