This project wasn’t supposed to happen. Initially when I set out to make something from a skein of Cascade Ultra Pima, it was going to be a Dolphin Bay top for Alice. The less said about the frustrations I experienced with that piece the better, although ripping it out late on a Friday night when I was tired and had half a bottle of wine in me was probably ill-judged. I should make those sorts of decisions in daylight with a clearer head. Anyway, moving on.

When I ripped it out and cast on another Tikki pattern for Alice, I breathed a sigh of relief. That woman knows how to write a pattern. This time I chose Olearia, which can be knit as a cardigan or a shrug. I wasn’t sure about yardage issues so I chose a shrug. A week later, it was done. I had enough to knit a full cardigan but am infinitely happier at this point with a little cropped piece. It’s perfect for this not so warm summer.

She wore it all day Saturday, to the markets, at morning tea with friends and then to the roller derby in the evening and it I decided that shrugs are very practical.

Jeans, t-shirt, shrug in cotton for a little weather protection – it’s all perfect. Now if I could just make her hair stay up instead of slipping out of whatever clips or bands I put around it, I’d be happier. That fringe drives us all crazy but while it’s growing out, it’s really hard to manage.

It’s a great fit all over, as you can see from this photo from the back. It sits well no matter what she’s doing. I’m eyeing off my cotton collection wondering how long until I start a new one!

Alice has a new shrug. It's so cute. Great pattern.

The inevitable chocolate face shot!

And then come winter I may well make the full cardigan version because, as I’ve said before in one way or another, toddler knits are like chips. You can’t stop at one and they’re great bite sized projects.

Better still was that after a day of getting chocolate and jam all over it, being cotton I threw it in the wash and hung it in the sun and it was dry and ready to wear again the next day. I love the wool or alpaca knits I’ve done for her, but I do love that the cotton ones are so easy care.

Having said I’m itching to cast on a new one for her, in truth I’m focusing on knits for me for a little while before some gifts have to be done. I think it’s time I had a new cardigan!

A big ball of Sunday night potential.



15 thoughts on “Olearia

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  2. The shrug is such a great look for Miss A. Love it with the jeans. I wish I looked so good in jeans. Once again, you have shown what a lucky little girl she is to have a knitting Aunt.

  3. I can see that shrug as a cardigan. It fits well and looks like she’ll get lots of use out of it.

    What a pretty color you’ve chosen for yourself. I bought a pattern and some yarn to make myself a sweater but for me, a full sweater is such a committment of time that I’m always reluctant to cast one on.

  4. Love it, and love the color on her, too. Haven’t used the Cascade Ultra Pima yet, but I’ve only heard good things, so should give it a try. Can’t wait to see what you’ve decided for you own cardigan, too!

  5. Great job – it looks perfect! This weather is crazy, isn’t it? After two perfect days, it’s grey here and thunder is rolling in the distance — not rain again, please!

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