Sunshine Socks

I set out to knit a pair of socks that fit me as well as I could manage. They’re not perfect, but I paid attention to detail more so than usual and I think it helped. Here are my Sunshine Socks.

sunshine socks 2

I set out to knit them at a much tighter gauge than I normally do.

Today this makes me happy. | day 11 | #febphotoaday

I worked on 2.25mm needles and I’m a tight knitter so it was pretty firm. I’d even go down to 2mm I think, just for fun.

I did the leg in rib. 2×2 rib to be precise.

sunshine socks 3

And I continued ribbing on the heel flap – sort of. Six knit stitches broken up by some purl stitches to give the effect of the ribbing continuing.

sunshine sock heel

Instinctively I’d decided to knit these on 68 stitches, rather than the 64 I normally do on slightly larger needles. I think it was a good move, accounting for the tighter gauge. But if I were to go down to even smaller needles, I don’t think I’d need to increase the stitch count. I find socks tend to relax so much with wear. I can afford to not increase stitches.

The yarn is Yarntini ‘Sunshine Stripe’ – which came to me via RoseRed and her membership in the Yarntini sock club, which I’m going to have to get on board with if there’s another one. For plain, go everywhere knitting I think you can’t beat a good fun self striping yarn. Who needs fancy stitches with yarn this sunny and vibrant? Let the colours do the work!

I asked my chickens what they thought and they were in firm agreement throughout the photo shoot.

sunshine socks

And I like how I even got them to match! They didn’t have to. I didn’t try too hard. It just worked out that way, for once.

Hey while I think of it – if you’ve got a recommendation for a good sock yarn club where I’ll be sent instalments of pretty, colourful sock yarn, leave a comment. I’m going to do this!



17 thoughts on “Sunshine Socks

  1. Your sunshine socks are so bright and cheery! I love them! I like the ribbing down the heel flap too! I’ve just bought myself some new colourful dpns for socks, but I’m wondering if I should try with smaller needles. I do babies and big socks in fingering 4ply on 2.75 mm and they seem ok. I also bought 3.5mm dpns for knitting with my own homespun which is quite thick and uneven( I’m not the best at spinning yet!). Who knows how they will turn out! LOL! The chook looks most impressed with your socks too!:-)

  2. I love self striping yarns for just that reason. You don’t need a pattern, the yarn just shines all by itself.

    Sock yarn clubs pull me right out of my comfort zone. I end up liking even the skeins that don’t appeal at first and someone always just loves it so the socks never go to waste.

  3. I’m in my 3rd year of Blue Moon’s Rocking Sock Club. It looks as though spots are still open.

    Tina Newton (Blue Moon’s proprietor & Creative Genius in the Dye Barn) is just about guaranteed to expand almost anyone’s color appreciation.

    The only downsides are that you don’t have any choice, other than to sign up or not. The yarn will either Socks That Rock (STR) lightweight or mediumweight. Each kit’s colorway is a total surprise. Some colors are vibrant. Some are subtle (fewer on the subtle end). Of the 13 kits I’ve received, there have been 3 or so colors that I wasn’t wild about — but that’s a fine success rate for me.

    Feel free to email me if you want to follow up. (Not paid by Blue Moon. Just a big fan of Tina and her staff.) Cheers!

  4. I have his great app on my iPad called zite. It is a magazine/blog gatherer. I saw your post under my custom setting for knitting. On the same zite site there is a blog entry for the simoly sock yarn co. Seems that they are starting a sock yarn club.

  5. Great happy color socks! I’ve never used the self striping yarns, so can’t comment, but I’ve seen some great ones, both muted and eye popping

  6. You might still find room in the Blue Moon sock club. I got a mailing from them last week and she said they had some places left. Gorgeous bright sunshine-y socks!

  7. I would search ravelry for some of the stripey yarn clubs. I love Fibrenymph’s sock yarns and she does amazing colors. I think Socks that Rock just had a sock club although I am not 100% that they are self striping. If you watch knitting video casts like The Knitgirllls and Knitabulls they actually mention quite a few enabling sites for things like that during their shows. Your socks look very sunshiney and happy by the way.

  8. These look great Helen, very sunshiny and loads of fun indeed!
    I’m in search of the *perfect* fit too, I think it’s important if your going to do all that sock knitting. Nothing worse than going through all the trouble and then think should’ve, could’ve , would’ve..arghh .)

  9. I usually use 2.25 mm for socks–what do you use? It’s funny, I was knitting socks for G at knit night (yes! I went to knit night!) and someone asked, why not just wait until she’s bigger so I could use bigger needles since mine were so tiny, but that’s what my sock yarn wants–2.25 mm, usually. Even my metal sock needles have a bend to them!

    I’ve never done a sock club but I always think Donna Lee gets the most interesting yarn with that art club she belongs to.

    (And re: your comment on Valentine’s, I think it’s just a sweet way to recognize the different kinds of love.)

  10. Nice bright socks – any brighter and the chooks might need Polaroids!
    I am STILL using the basic old Patonyle man’s ribbed sock pattern (modified) that my mother used for Dad’s socks. Dad had two drawers in his lowboy absolutely chockers with Mum-made knee-highs. I still have two copies of the original pattern book. Many of my sock knitting dpn’s are actually hand me downs of Mum’s, and many of them have an interesting curve from years of hard wear.
    My socks are basically a 2×2 rib, then switch to 4×2 for the leg (short socks, not knee highs so no shaping) and for fit and comfort I continue the rib down the instep. Because I have a short broad foot, I make a shorter wider toe shape, and graft at 40 stitiches, instead of 32. I keep telling myself that I will knit some lace or texture patterns, but the comfort and cling of the ribby ones cannot be beaten.
    Cannot comment on sock yarn clubs, I just pick up a sock’s worth whenever I see something I like, the latest some Naturally Waikiwi (NZ merino, nylon, alpaca and possum). Delish! It is quite possible that my sock stash will outlive my needs!

    Gae, in Callala Bay

  11. Such happy sunshiny socks!

    I haven’t done a sock club for ages, but I often see ads for them on Ravelry. You’ve probably missed the cut off for Blue Moon Feber Arts this year.

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