Beach Weather. Briefly.

Last summer we made several trips to the coast (a couple of hours away) to spend the day swimming, eating ice creams and fish and chips and building sand castles. January and February offered up endless weekends with suitable weather.

This year, it’s all downpours, dark skies and wind. The rain is fabulous, but we have been robbed of a bit of real beach weather. It was for that reason I didn’t take bathers with me to the beach this weekend when my sister and I went to visit our parents. I thought there’d be no point. My sister and I, with Miss Alice, left Canberra feeling sure that we’d not packed enough warm clothes.

We were wrong. Alice, who had the good sense to pack her bathers, spent most of Saturday afternoon like this.


She was swimming at Sandy Point, near our parents’ house, with cousin Willem and as I stood on the sand cheering them on in the shallows, I wished so much I’d come prepared. I haven’t been swimming once this summer. Not even a bit! I think I really lucked out on getting the most out of the afternoon.


It was a humid afternoon. Away from the shady table where we’d eaten, the sun was bright and the air sticky. I asked Willem how the water was and he said with absolute certainty, ‘it’s wonderful!’

I’m sure. Rub it in, dude, rub it in.

alice in the water

Such joy and such bravery a year on from her first beach trip where the water was fun, but just a bit scary.

All I could do was enjoy the view.

alice and willem

And after a busy weekend, there was only one thing left to do. Break the journey in Braidwood with a cupcake after a big, long sleep.


The great thing about road trips with my sister is that she prefers to drive, while I prefer to knit and you know, in a two and half hour trip, you can really get a lot of sock knitting done. I’ll have another pair off the needles in a matter of days!



11 thoughts on “Beach Weather. Briefly.

  1. It most certainly hasn’t seemed like beach weather but one can never be sure of anything anymore. When we have rivers running down the streets of our town and shops get flooded (nowhere near the real river) because there is too much water falling from the sky for the drains to cope, one can never be certain of anything (weatherwise) again!

  2. I keep hoping we’ll finally get some cold weather so that when it’s really hot in August, it won’t be so bad. But, it’s been so moderate. Just a bit of slush here and there.

    Our days are getting longer and I can see the early signs of spring in sight. I am looking forward to picnics and days at the lake/beach. Pk will do most of the driving but he likes to hold my hand so not much knitting gets done!

  3. We’re having a similarly unseasonable winter… NO snow. None. Not a flake. Haven’t had to unshovel the car once! Totally crazy. Even so, though… seeing beach pictures in February seems totally unreal. Hope you do get a better stretch ahead to enjoy what summer time is left!

  4. Oh, I am wary of the sea, it can have icky seaweed and fish and things!! Alice always looks so big but next to Willem she is tiny. I love her bathers!!

  5. Oh, bummer! I’m glad the kids got to go in, though. The beach is such a part of our summer, I look forward to it all winter long…you got some great photos!

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