Beaded Wedding Purse

For some time, I’ve had in mind that I’d love to make a little beaded bag of some kind. I kept thinking there’d be a good moment to do so and right now, there’s a perfect reason.

A friend (who is a relatively new knitter and an even newer blogger!) is getting married this Saturday. I asked her a little while ago if she had a wedding purse, something to carry little things in on the day and she said she didn’t. I told her I’d love to make one and she said that she would love it. Patterns and yarn were discussed and hey presto, the Beaded Wedding Purse was born. It took just over a week.

beaded wedding purse

I think it’s adorable. Starting out, the knitting from the top was kind of challenging. The top lace part is knit sideways and at first really had me baffled. I got there though and it looked like this.

Intriguing fan lace - start of beaded wedding purse for @alysj

Those fan shapes were fun to make once I’d figured them out. Lots and lots of wraps and then dropping of the wraps. After that it was a matter of picking up stitches along the bottom and knitting down from there, adding beads accordingly. I didn’t pre-string the beads (I never do!). Adding them in as I go is my preferred method.

I also made the bag about 2inches shorter than the pattern required. It seemed quite long enough, and Alys says she’s only going to carry lipstick and a hankie in it so how big did it need to be really? It’s about 6 inches in length, which is plenty I think.

The pattern has you make two long twisted cords for the drawstring but I chose to crochet them instead. Tightly. The yarn is Socks that Rock lightweight, so a 4ply, and I crocheted the cords on, I think, a 2mm hook. I wanted the cords to be nice and firm.

The yarn has a slight green tinge to it which did not show up in the photos at all, but we chose it because my friend’s dress has some turquoise in the bodice. It’ll match beautifully.

What’s even lovelier is she has an inherited bracelet which works as a reticule holder. So the bag will hang on the day from a delicate band on her wrist. I’d love to get a photo but I just don’ t know if that’s possible. So for now, we have the purse on its own, ready and waiting for Alys’s big day.

I loved making this. Really, really loved it. It has satisfied my beaded bag making itch nicely.



17 thoughts on “Beaded Wedding Purse

  1. Lovely, lovely. I do like the sideways “lace” edgings like that. Blue Moon’s sock club had a sock with a (somewhat) similar edging two years ago (Ada Lovelace). I still want to knit up some of that edging to put on a pair of pillowcases …

    Best wishes to your friend and fiance on their big day!

  2. It’s lovely! On my wedding day, I used a purse a co-worker had given me years earlier (her mom was in fashion and co-worker was not into fashion at all). I got a bad cold and lost my voice, so my bad held cough drops among other things. And then I left it in one of the anterooms instead of taking it with me to the altar. Even though I hadn’t gone 30 minutes without a cough drop all day. Of course I started coughing during the wedding and there was a little comedy of errors while my attendants (my brother and cousin) got me a cough drop without actually leaving their posts.

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  4. What a lovely bag – is the yarn the green from the “spirit” range? I have used one of the colourways that has a red tinge and it is just awesome in the right light.

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