Simple Skyp Socks

About a  year ago, I did a bit of shopping over at Blue Moon Fiber Arts and gave Sean the chance to choose his own sock yarn. I love that he didn’t look at me like I was a freak. I love that he had a look and came up with pretty much the choice I’d have made if I was not asking for his input! He chose Valkyrie from the Socks that Rock Raven Clan series.

That was no surprise. He’s got a thing for the darker colours and when he saw the name, it made sense. He’s always been fond of Norse mythology.

skyp socks aerial

What I hadn’t intended to do was buy the medium weight sock yarn. I always buy the lightweight but it turned out to be a happy accident. Medium weight sock yarn knits up so much faster, especially with 3mm needles! The second of his socks took just under two weeks, knitted almost exclusively on the bus or out to lunch.

skyp socks

The pattern is Simple Skyp socks (not Skype, as a friend quite amusingly assumed!). They’re called Skyp because the little faux cable is made with a Slip 1, knit 1 yarn over, pass the slip stitch over manoeuvre. They were just interesting enough to keep me moving forward and just simple enough to be highly portable and so effective. The fabric is just lovely in this colourway.

When Sean was posing just now (on our new lounge which I can already tell, because of the colour, will feature in many knitting related photos!) I asked him how they felt. He said that Socks that Rock is the nicest sock yarn he’s had the pleasure to wear. That works out well because it’s the nicest sock yarn I’ve had the pleasure to knit and I love wearing it too.

Everyone wins.

It’s a good thing I’ve got a steady supply of it in the stash.


skyp socks heel

I’m pretty sure these are going to be socks I’ll make for Sean, or other men, again. They’re just great. He gets so much wear out of his knitted socks, it’s absolutely worth making sure he’s got a lot to choose from.



15 thoughts on “Simple Skyp Socks

  1. What a great pattern. I’m so impressed by how quickly you knit these up. I’m still traumatized from knitting Keith a pair of socks for these past holidays!

    STR does feel great — although I’ve haven’t knit socks for myself from it. Someday …

  2. I really admire your socks! They are perfect! I tried to knit some using a book but mine had a small hole at the top of the triangle (heel)… Was I doing something wrong? I didn;t los ea stitch.

  3. i’ve said it before – sean is a star! i love the way he readily embraces knitting culture and the goodness it provides. and that is a very lovely pair of socks, too.

    • As he put then on for five minutes between finishing and washing I can’t say yet, but he wears thick socks most days so it’ll be safe I think.

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  4. I love a good faux cable and they look great being modelled. I know why you bought that new couch!!! I also think, quite often, that a fast sock is a good sock.

  5. These look lovely Helen, I really like the varigated colourway with the sock pattern and I also love that faux cable and ribbing. They may be mens socks but I really like these for myself. Off to download .D

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