Starry Hitchhiker

I’m pushing projects through to completion at the moment, trying to cut down the number of things I have on the go (let’s not discuss the two projects I began this weekend….).


Nevertheless, about a week or so ago I finally finished my Hitchhiker Scarf. You know the one every second knitter seems to have made lately? It’s everywhere and with good reason. It’s a simple and effective and often striking piece. And it’s cleverly named after Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (represented by the 42 ‘teeth’ along its edge). It’s a niftily chosen name.

It was the reason I chose the beautiful handspun called Starry Night (for Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting). Galaxy. Starry Night. You get my drift. It seemed after having the yarn for a year, its moment had finally come. I’d loved it since I won it in a contest by talented spinner Margarita, or 1FunkyKnitWit. It was just a matter of time.


You can see in these photos how vividly the colourway really captures the midnight blue and the bright stars from Van Gogh’s painting. Margarita has spun it into a near laceweight. I say near because I think it’s just a little heavier than that, but pretty bloody close. It made for a lovely fabric on 3.5mm needles but alas, it made also for a small scarf. At the widest part it’s only as wide as the length of my hand. I sort of hoped it would be wider, but I’d made it to 42 teeth and also had only a scrap of yarn left.

Never mind. Small scarves can be wearable. If only I could figure out how to wear it.

Like this?

Hitchhiker Scarf

Or like this?

Hitchhiker Scarf

I’m sure come winter it’s going to spend a lot of time keeping my neck warm inside a coat, a flash of vivid blue jutting out from the usual stern coloured coats I live in all winter.

I will love that. It’s small enough to tuck in well I think and maybe down the track I’ll try another one in 4ply or 8ply, bigger needles and get something a little closer to what I hoped for.


ps does anyone else remember the old 60s song Hitchhiker? It drags on and on and I recall my dad saying he and his mates used to sing it when drunk. It was in my head often as I worked on this. Thanks Dad.


18 thoughts on “Starry Hitchhiker

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  2. Love your Hitchhiker, I am knitting on in Blue Moon’s ‘Fire on the Mountain’
    the colours are just wonderful can’t wait to wear it but I am only half way there
    I like the way you have it in the first picture

  3. Great scarf! I have a few knitted scarves that are a little small and I wonder how to wear them too! I think you are right about keeping your neck warm under a coat! Lovely colour!:-)

  4. You’ve knitted a lovely hitchhiker Helen. So happy that you enjoyed the yarn and you’ve knitted it up. It’s always such a thrill to see the end results and you certainly picked the right project for it.
    It looks great on you – enjoy!

  5. ‘the thumb goes up, the car goes by, it’s nearly 1 am and here am I,
    hitching a ride……’

    thanks bells.

    The scarf is gorgeous. I just spent a day with Vincent at the museum and was once again in awe of his brilliance.

  6. Gorgeous. I think this will be a great accessory in winter. I tried knitting this pattern too but gave up as I was not getting the little points right.

  7. I love my hitchhiker! And there are benefits to a shorter version. Mine got stuck in my jacket zipper this winter…really, not so good. (And it’s funny how many people land on my blog searching for the hitchhiker pattern~I’m glad I linked to it and I hope they find what they’re looking for!!!)

  8. I really like small scarves with a winter coat. It looks lovely on you (I think I like the first option, slightly scrunchier, a bit better) and I’m sure you’ll get comfortable throwing it on once the weather gets cold.

  9. How fortunate you are to have some of Margarita’s yarn. Don’t worry about how you’ll wear it. If you love the yarn and the colour you’ll find a way.

  10. Heh, I don’t recall the song and I think that’s probably a good thing!

    It looks great. Handspun in garter stitch is so lovely. I prefer the first method of wearing it, more scrunched up, it looks more natural or something I think.

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