March Madness

March is a popular birthday month in my family.

While I’m under no strict obligation to knit for these events, it just so happens that the birthdays falling this month include three people who come top of my list of people I love to knit for most. So it’s a given that I’ll have busy fingers and sense of looming deadlines.

First cab off the rank this month was Alice but I didn’t knit for her. I made a lot for her over summer and intended to give her the pretty quilt that still isn’t finished. Remember?

Stacked coins quilt top

So I bought her a dress instead. I’m a realist. I just ran out of time to do anything decent and handmade for her third birthday.

Next is my sister, Adele. Always the happy knitting recipient, I had a last minute burst of inspiration which I just can’t show you until it’s done. Here’s what I gave her last year, Kai-Mei socks. (Psst, Adele: not giving you socks this year).

Kai-Mei socks for Adele

And finally there’s Willem, Adele’s not so little boy who turns eight this year. Whoosh! Haven’t those years flown by? From this:

Me and Willem at the park

to this, taken on his birthday last year when I gave him the Alex Jacket.

Willem's Jacket

My knitting has been around about as long as Willem has been alive and he’s always been so happy to receive whatever I’ve made for him. Which brings me to this year’s birthday knit. His mum loves him in vests and he’s still young enough to happily wear them to places like church or special events. His last one is no longer wearable – I believe it went to a younger cousin – and so this year I’ve chosen ZigVest by Tikki. My first go at one of her boy patterns. I’m making it from a chocolatey brown Rowan Felted Tweed. Isn’t that what all the fashionable eight year old boys are wearing this year? Tweed vests? Sure they are.

But I started it late. So used to the quick knits for toddlers have I become that I figured I could knock Will’s vest over in a few weeks. I could it if was straight forward knitting (and if he hadn’t grown so surprisingly long in the torso!) but it’s fiddly cabling and I keep messing it up.

Nice tweedy cables #knitting

It’s for the love and knowing that those tweedy cables are going to look so great that I’m pushing on, but it’s been a slog. Sometimes the simplest looking patterns turn out to be slightly trickier than anticipated.

A reprieve came from Adele yesterday though who pointed out that honestly, if the vest isn’t ready by the 26th, the world will not end.

Really? Wow, glad she told me. No one sets an unrealistic deadline quite like I do, I sometimes think.

Knit on!



13 thoughts on “March Madness

  1. I’ve been on a bit of a crazy “making” spree too, although I’ve decided mine has more to do with the weather than a flood of birthdays. The herringbone vest will be lovely once it’s finished. Such great wool for the pattern. Glad you liked the Bambeanies book too – such a fun collection of hats for little people.

  2. It’s a fine line isn’t it, between the right amount of pressure / motivation to make it exciting, and the self imposed craziness. The cables look great in the tweed but it doesn’t look like the easiest combo to knit. I hope it starts to flow better!

  3. December is birthday month here — very inconvenient!

    Isn’t it funny how we need permission NOT to give handmade gifts?

    The quilt is totally worth waiting for! I’m sure Alice won’t complain.

  4. What no socks for me this year!!! Why why why! Oh the humanity!!!

    Just kidding. I bet whatever it is it will be most delightful and much loved! Can’t wait ’til the weekend!


  5. Love that chocolatey-brown tweed, it reminds me of a brownie 🙂 my little boys would always wear vests because they weren’t scratchy. And pockets were good for hiding special matchbox cars. Looks great.

  6. I think it’s funny how some patterns click instantly and some NEVER. I knit an entire imogen cowl thingy, and I swear, I had to look up the pattern every row. EVERY ROW. For five feet of scarf! Crazy. But I’m making a Helene sweater now, and it’s a breeze. Who knows why some things stick and some don’t? Anyway, it’s a cute choice! Slog through! At least there’s no sleeves, right?

  7. I find the first “x” inches of a pattern seem tedious and something to which I have to pay particular attention. Then something magical happens (usually) and my brain then wraps itself around the pattern and things get easy. Well, all right. Easier. Hope it’s the same for you with the vest. It’s looking smashing!

  8. I have been meaning to knit the very same pattern for my 9 yr old nephew whose birthday is in October. It is a bit late to knit one for my other nephew whose birthday is this month. Cant wait to see it finished up.

  9. Hopefully the cables get themselves into a rhythm for you soon and it begins to go quicker. It’s both touching and shocking when you realize how much they’re growing based on the knitting…the last time I knit socks for my oldest I was surprised to realize I hadn’t really just finished “kid” socks–they were almost the size I’d knit for myself. (Touching, because it means we’ve been knitting for them all along, and isn’t that the best?)

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