A Doily for My Sister

About a year ago when I made the Egelbad Doily for my mother (which she subsequently had professionally framed!), my sister Adele made noises of longing for her own doily. At least it sounded like longing, and I remembered.

For her birthday this month, I made one for her and gave it to her this weekend.


I was inspired to do so when Bronwyn over at Yarnosophy made one from a book called Knitted Lace. Here’s the doily with the book – which I bought almost at once and will no doubt use repeatedly. The pattern is Ditte II.

doily and book

It’s a beautiful book, with charts written flat, a system I’ve not seen before but which was easy to pick up.

I didn’t quite finish this doily. I knew I wanted to give it to Adele on the weekend so I cut the pattern short at around row 70 of a 90 row pattern. It felt like the right place to stop on Thursday night, at which point I did the crochet loops and then blocked it.


I used Sullivans mercerised cotton #20, which is oh so fine and perhaps a little like dental floss to work with but not to bad. A bit of a soak and some pinning out and it’s got lovely sheen and hold and it’s just perfect for a doily.

To go from this, just off the needles


to this (freshly off the pins and observed by Alice who was here on Friday night) is so satisfying.

alice and doily

I’m dying to make more. Thankfully my mum has expressed a desire for several smaller doilies. I’ll be only too  happy to provide them.

For all the detail in the pattern, these really don’t take long. This one was three weeks in the making and that included a week when I put it down. On 2mm needles, it’s got all the appeal of tiny little stitches that I love – I was even able to knit it on the bus and around town. I found it utterly mesmerising to knit. On the bus especially, I’d find myself looking up after my 25min trip and wondering where the time went.

doily finished

When I gave it to my sister this weekend, I just knew she loved it. ‘Oh you didn’t!’ she said as she opened it. Yes, I did. And I’ll do it again. And again.



14 thoughts on “A Doily for My Sister

  1. Doilies remind me of the antimagassars my grandmother used on all her furniture. I love the delicacy of your work.

    I think I want one too. I guess I’ll have to look for that book.

  2. Gorgeous – so delicate in the individual stitches, yet the swirls are bold. It reminds me of the work of William de Morgan http://www.artsycraftsy.com/morris/demorgan_tile.html.

    As you mention knitting on the bus – here is a little story. Perhaps you know the knitter. I was at the theatre last week and at interval, watched a young lace knitter (wearing the most exquisite eau de nil shawl with silver beads) find a knot in her silk yarn in the middle of an at least 2 metre wide piece of lace. It caught the eye of the older man in front of me, who nudged his wife then turned to me. So three of us were quietly cheering her on when … she had to get out her scissors. The short version is that I went up to her and then other people began to compliment her exquisite work and so the conversation expanded. We were all rather sad when the play began again. She added considerably to our night out. I bet the 25 minutes on your bus went quickly for the watchers as well as for you!

  3. Love it. Want one, too. Grace wandered by while the second to last picture was showing on the screen and said, “That’s BOOtiful!” I think so too.

  4. It is really lovely – and you stopped at a good place, you can’t even tell it isn’t “finished” (if you know what I mean!).

    And the wonder of blocking is demonstrated again!

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