Winter is Coming

For a sunny Friday afternoon, in which I’ve been quiet and headachy, here is something lovely to show you.


It’s a piece of my first winter cardigan of the year. Late in the afternoon when the sun  has been bright and cheery, it’s hard to think that winter is coming (to quote a particular exciting TV Show, Game of Thrones) but come it will and I want to be ready.

While I’m nearing the final stages of the tweedy cable vest for my nephew, I’ve taken a moment to re-acquaint myself with my Seamair Cardigan, which I began in late January.

This is the right front, the back is complete and I think the pattern has a very pleasing column of cables. They go down both fronts and two down the back for detail and shaping.


It’s a delightfully simple cable with only two actual pattern rows out of six. And in 12ply Bendigo Woollen Mills rustic on 5.5mm needles, it’s flying along at a most satisfactory pace.

seamair edge

And it’s got a fabulous cast on. It’s a tubular cast on, which I’ve never done before and while it’s mildly fiddly, once that first step is over, you’re off and running. I love a piece of knitting that makes you stop and look and admire every now and then – it’s a great part of the process, a real contributor to the overall enjoyment of the work.

So yes, winter is coming, and I’ll be ready. Will you?


ps For those not in the know, ‘winter is coming’ is the portent laden phrase used in Game of Thrones – which returns for a second season this weekend. We’re a little bit excited in our house.


14 thoughts on “Winter is Coming

  1. I love those cables – they adda bit of class to a plian cardiga, Well chosen. I use tubular cast on for cuff-down socks and beanies.It is the perfect choice for K1,P1 rib.

  2. Yes winter is coming…you can feel it in the afternoon’s now. And I don’t think I will be as ready as you are going to be. Your cardigan is looking very nice.

  3. Winter is coming! I can’t wait for S2 of GoT either!!

    the tubular cast on really gives you a great edging doesn’t it? I haven’t tried it yet, but I think I’m convinced it’s worth the effort after seeing yours. What is the colourway of the Bendi yarn you’re using? It’s lovely

  4. That shade of rustic is just gorgeous.
    I quite like the idea of knitting something with a little pattern detail in it. Not as boring as no detail, don’t have to concentrate on a pattern that’s all detail.
    That is going to knit up quite nicely.

  5. Winter is coming! I actually broke down and ordered HBO so I can watch Game of Thrones.
    Spring is coming here, but it’s so wet and nasty out this week.
    Your cardigan is going to be beautiful!

  6. What a perfect color to start off winter. Although, I’m not sure that red is as wintery there, seeing as Christmas isn’t a winter holiday (still can’t quite wrap my head around that!).

    We don’t have cable TV so we haven’t seen Game of Thrones yet, but everyone raves about it.

  7. Ah yes, ‘winter is coming’. I listened to books 1-4 and half of book 5 before I found out that there were 2 more coming out this year. I just didn’t want to face an endless series (especially since everyone dies!)

    The yarn you’re using makes even the ribbing at the bottom look good. It’s such a beautiful color. I love the pattern. I have never made myself a sweater. It’s probably high time I did.

  8. Tubular cast on is great, isn’t it! I have only done it on socks so far though.

    Great colour for your cardi! I must get cardi knitting – I was planning on making four this year, and I haven’t even started yet!

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