Rustling Leaves Beret

A little while ago when the book Coastal Knits was released, I knew that as soon as I bought it, or soon thereafter, I’d make the Rustling Leaves Beret. As RoseRed and I have said many times, a knitted leaf motif is pretty hard to go past and this beret was about nothing if not the shape of a leaf.


I began it last Tuesday and finished it yesterday (Saturday) morning. An utterly delightful little quick project made from Bendigo Woollen Mills ‘Luxury’ 4ply in Autumn Glow – a long ago gift from Amy in Rhode Island. Yes, someone in Rhode Island bought me wool from Bendigo. Long story.


I was worried when I finished it that it would be too small. It was a puckered, silly looking thing when I finished it but a soak and a stretch over the largest dinner plate I own and it was right as rain. It helps that, as I’ve discovered before, the lovely soft Luxury has a tendency to grow. This grew a lot.


I noted the last time I made a beret, that having had no idea how to wear a beret when I was a Brownie has meant I’m not entirely sure I’ve got it right now either, but I’m enjoying playing around with the way it sits, and the possibilities on offer for bad hair days.


And isn’t the colour just perfectly autumnal? As much as I wished I’d had something in a pale sage green, which was what I fancied, I couldn’t go past the obvious thrill of a beret called Rustling Leaves made from something in so richly and vividly autumnal.

It’s a new thing, this hat making lark. Why did I never realise before now that they are such a great quick project, a way to knock something over fast when a bigger project is weighing me down? I see more of them on the horizon, hats generally, which I’ve long dismissed as dull. This was far from dull. Just fun from beginning to end. Can’t beat that.



15 thoughts on “Rustling Leaves Beret

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  3. Ah yes, hats. cowls and fingerless mitts – perfect quick knitting! I am alternating between them at the moment as all the charities I support with my knitting are needing items for winter.

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  5. I love a good leaf motif as well. (that’s why I make embossed leaves socks so often!). The red color is great for fall. It’s so reminiscent of the color of maple leaves as they turn. Everything around me is a kind of tender green right now. One of my favorite greens is New Leaf.

  6. looks great, and i love the luxury in that colour. sage green would be lovely for another one too. i’ve been meaning to make a beret for years now – must get around to it!

  7. That’s right, I’d forgotten about that yarn! It looks great as this beret, and the beret looks great on you! I really need to pull out that book and choose a pattern to knit soon, too.

  8. Looks cute! I am always re-surprised/delighted when I make a hat, at how quick it goes, and always promise myself I’ll make more… and them promptly forget, distracted by the next shiny thing…

  9. Hi, I am trdajara from Instagram by the way.
    I really love this beret and the colour is perfect
    Russett, rich. You will enjoy wearing it.
    I had some wool from Bendigo once and made a beautiful shawl. My friend who lives in Phillip Island sent it. I am saving hard to visit her.
    Whats the next project?

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