Seamair Cardigan

For the last few years, winter has turned into a bit of a Cardigan Marathon and this year, I feel like I’m off and running in good time because my first cardigan for the cooler months is off the needles and ready to wear!

This is a cardigan I’ve been eyeing off since it was first released. It’s Seamair by Amy Herzog – the woman responsible for the Fit to Flatter series, which I highly recommend. What she doesn’t know about  shaping and fit – well, she knows a lot and it shows in her designs. I was drawn at once to the flattering way the cables worked down the length of the body.

Here it is from the back. I feel like the arms a little baggy but I’m not too bothered.

seamair back view

There is waist shaping, just vertical darts in the usual places, but the way they draw the cables in is really nice, I think.


From the front the cables work the same way and if I could get the buttons, which are placed inside the placket, to stay done up you’d see that, but I can’t. I’ll have to tighten the holes a little bit with a couple of stitches to bring them.

Here’s some cable detail for you to see. It’s a lovely 6 row, easily memorised cable stitch. I got into a nice rhythm with it early on and settled right in for a comfortable and enjoyable knit.

seamair detail

Here with this side view you can see the cable detail in the lower sleeves. I really liked that. Just something to add a flash of interest.

seamair side view

I used Bendigo Woollen Mills Rustic 12ply for this, in the colour Radiant, which has been in the stash for a couple of years. Madly, I bought five 200g balls of it and used just on 2.5 so I guess I have plenty left over. I predict Alice and Willem will receive garments made from the rest!

I know some people really don’t get the Bendigo Rustic thing – they feel it’s scratchy or just not garment worthy but for my money it’s as good as Cascade 220 – which is my usual winter staple. The only difference for me really is that the colours in Cascade 220 are many and varied, whereas Bendigo, as we know, has a more limited palette.

My first cardigans, way back in 2003 or 2004, were made from Bendigo Rustic and I’ve never minded it one bit. It’s worn really well over the years and does soften up nicely. The thing is you never wear it right next to your skin anyway since winter is all about layering so even if there is a tiny bit of scratchiness to it, it’s not like it’s supposed to be worn with nothing under it. For Canberra’s bitterly cold winters (I know, northern hemisphere bloggers are saying WHAT?) it’s a great weight.

I loved so much of the detail in this, especially the tubular cast on – which is a first for me. It makes for such a stretchy, neat edge on all pieces – I haven’t knit a cardigan in pieces for several years and had to go researching it all over again to remind me of the best ways to sew it up. I still think I could learn a lot there and could improve but each time I seam a garment I get a little more confident and better at it.

I started knitting Seamair in February. I put it down for the month of March, which was all about gift knitting, and picked it up again in early April, finishing all three remaining pieces in just over two weeks (a week off work with illness helped!). Knitting in 12ply on 5.5mm needles does make a project go fast!

There aren’t many versions of this on Ravelry. Only twelve. I really don’t understand why since Amy Herzog is so well known and her patterns are so great. I hope more people make this. It’s lovely and such a fun knit, which is something I needed after the difficulties I faced in Willem’s vest!

seamair 2

I love cardigan season!



22 thoughts on “Seamair Cardigan

  1. Hi Bells. That cardi really looks lovely on you, and I agree with you that Amy Herzod does wonderful designs and explanatory articles. Forgive the lateness of my comment please: I’m catching up on unread posts (I read all the hat ones first and could barely restrain myself from leaping up and thrusting yarn options at my husband, despite the entirely inappropriate season up here)

  2. Oh I liked that, a lot! Love the cable detail and it just looks like a lovely wearable piece. And the colour really suits you. My first ever cardigan was in Bendy Rustic and I love how well it has worn. Just about cold enough here now for me to go dig it out of storage I think.

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  4. I’ve had it in my queue for ages, and have just never got around to making it. I love the Fit and Flatter series. The shaping in your cardi is so nice. I like a more fitted sleeve because it keeps my arms warmer. I don’t know why!!

  5. As always, I am wildly impressed by your cardigan. And that color is fabulous (I suspect someone is jealous of that red!). You do a great job with the shaping, so the fit is perfect and flattering.

    Personally, I don’t like tight, so I think the sleeves are just fine.

  6. oh, I love Rustic too! I haven’t used the 12ply, but I totally agree – more colours in the range and it would definitely give Cascade 220 a run for it’s money!

    I don’t think the sleeves are as noticeable from the front either, like RoseRed said. and sometimes (I find) a knitted garment needs a few wears and washes to “settle”? so maybe they will sort themselves out after a little while?

    either way, it’s lovely, you look lovely in it, and huzzah – a new cardigan right as the weather gets cooler!

  7. I think that it looks fabulous – love the colour, the cable and the fit. I like a bit of ease in the sleeve (not so keen on the sausage sleeve look)…

  8. That’s a cute little knit you put together there. I’d love to try to make it…a strong emphasis on the word “try”…!

    I notice that you said you used 12 ply. I just bought a fair bit of 8 ply here and am wondering if you think I should still make that type of design? Will it still come out looking the same, or am I in for some unexpected surprises because of the ply? I’m very new to knitting and making things, so I’m excited and nervous at the same time! 🙂

    Sally Anne

  9. That looks like it was designed for you. The style really suits. It’s a gorgeous sweater. (and a great color). I don’t mind cardigans that are a bit scratchy since I always wear something underneath. I have several cotton cardigans (Lands End) that I can wear all year. They have become my style.

  10. It is lovely indeed and a great colour choice. I have some Bendigo Luxury (leaf) I need to knit up and that pattern looks good although obviously I’d have to do some maths to make 8ply yarn fit a 12ply pattern.

  11. Great cardigan. I don’t know why that hasn’t caught on, because it’s incredibly wearable and classic. It’s going in my queue, at least. I wish Bendigo was more available in this hemisphere, because everybody needs more yarns like Cascade 220.

  12. It looks great! I’ve never found Cascade 220 to be too scratchy. I like cardigans, too. I’m looking for a pattern for those two balls of Bendigo 8 ply cotton I have…any suggestions? Is that enough for a whole sweater?

  13. It’s beautiful – lovely details. Like you, I’m often surprised by how few people make certain sweaters… I think partly it’s the overload of options out there these days, fueled by ravelry access, and I think partly people don’t make as many sweaters as they do shawls and other accessories that are quicker and where potential for failure is less of a problem (a shawl always fits). But it’s always great to see a sweater pattern that does work so well, and mentally file it for the future. Yours came out so great!

  14. That is just lovely! I don’t suppose I could commission one could I? Seriously would be happy to pay for materials plus a ‘manufacturing’ fee!

  15. It’s really beautiful, Helen. I love the colour, and like you, I really like Bendigo’s Rustic yarns. Not as soft as Cascade 220, but really good value. If only they made it in more colours….

  16. Cardigan season is great! Especially when you have a lovely new cardigan to wear! Great colour and the cable detail is really nice, especially the one on the sleeve. I agree, I think the sleeves could be more fitted (it seems more obvious from the back though?) but the fit is great through the body.

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