Little Miss Greenjeans Cardigan

Dear Alice,
Because you’re three and don’t yet have terribly strong ideas about what you want to wear (unlike everything else in your life, about which you have very fixed views) I think I can get away with knitting matching cardigans for us. Just for fun.

One day, many years from now, I imagine this will be the last thing you’ll accept from me, but right now I’m getting away with it and you did seem so happy when I gave you a new cardigan this morning and we saw that we matched.

matching cardigans

“We’re the same!” we declared when I put it on you and we had a big hug. You didn’t know or care that the patterns weren’t the same. You just wondered why you had different buttons to mine.

Then we headed out into the cold autumn wind, both rugged up in our lovely red woollen cardigans and enjoyed a day at the Collector Pumpkin Festival.

Alice meets a scarecrow.

You met some kid sized scarecrows and called the little stone church a castle. You made a beeline for the giant pumpkins and posed while the ABC TV crew filmed you. You had no idea.

alice and pumpkins

Best of all you got to fly a kite in that cold, biting wind. It was all you wanted. The long string of kites was tied to the ground and you and all the little kids who joined you thought you were really sending it into the air. It was the closest you were going to get to really flying a kite and you were so, so happy.

Kite flying in Collector.

Today was great fun. You were fabulous company and as we walked along holding hands and wearing matching cardigans, I felt so very proud to be an aunt who knits for someone so happy and lovely.

You may not always want to wear matching knitwear with me, but I hope I’ll always get to knit for you.

Love Aunty Bells

ps her cardigan is made from the leftover Bendigo Rustic 12ply from my Seamair cardigan. It’s a mini version of the well known Mr Greenjeans cardigan. It’s called Little Miss Greenjeans and I made it in five days. Truly a fast and satisfying project! The sleeves are a little long but that just means it might still fit her next winter!


20 thoughts on “Little Miss Greenjeans Cardigan

  1. How wonderful that Alice appreciates what you make for her. I think the Collector Pumpkin Festival might have to get a visit by my grandsons – perhaps next year. BTW, what happened to last year’s pumpkin friend?

  2. My mother always dressed my sister and I alike and we hated it. I didn’t do that to my own kids because I had such unpleasant memories. Until they were all older and I insisted we all wear bluejeans overalls and white t shirts for a photo. They wouldn’t walk around the mall with me since we were all dressed alike! It’s special when they want to look/be like you. The photo of you both together is a great one. I’d frame it and give it to Alice.

  3. This is a awesome post. I agree with Dianne that you need to print this out and give it to her to read when she is older. She is so adorable and y’all are wonderful in your matching cardigan. Being an Auntie is wonderful. 🙂

  4. What a great day you both had! I second the idea of printing this lovely post for her to read some day when she’s older – very sweet! And love the sweaters, too!

  5. I hope you will print out this post and put it away for Alice to read when she’s all grown up. My guess is it will bring a tear to her eye, just as it brought one to mine. Lovely post, Helen. (Oh, and the cardigans are wonderful and you both look so happy and sweet!)

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