Long and Slow

In between all the small projects I’m doing to keep up a sense of momentum, I’ve got a couple of big projects on the go.

At some points I have asked myself just how many small projects I can do before I start calling them avoidance strategies? I’m not technically avoiding my big projects but I think I should pick them up more than once a week to feel I’m making reasonable progress.

First up I have the Crown Prince Shawl from Knitted Lace of Estonia. I first mentioned it late last year as my big project for 2012 and I’ve made fairly embarrassing progress on it.

It’s a huge undertaking (although I should note if you search the project pages on Ravelry, some people have made it in under a month!) and one I had intended would be ready for my significant birthday in July. I think even if I throw myself headlong into it now I won’t have it done by then, not unless I knit to the exclusion of everything else and I think we all know that’s unreasonable. But it’s pretty and feels satisfying as it grows.

Crown Prince shawl

It is further along than this but even so, I’ve got a long way to go, which becomes painfully clear when you look at what the finished item looks like.

It feels a bit like my Everest. I’ve had a few moments of thinking of it as a long, slow toil but that’s only when I’m not working on it. The minute I pick it up again I’m reminded of the loveliness of the Jaggerspun zephyr – see that enormous cone of it? I see the cone and wonder how I’ll ever get through it but I want to. I really, really want to.

It’s about attitude. If I think of it as work I’ll never do it. There’s plenty of time for me to be nearing the end of wishing for it to be over. It’s too early for that sort of thinking!

The other big project is not as big. It’s a cardigan for my mum. She asked me oh so nicely earlier in the year. She chose some Bendigo Woollen Mills Rondo in Lime Zest and a pattern by Bendigo which is a lovely jacket with a moss stitch band and collar.  Now that I’m devoting my time to it, it’s a good project to carry around on the bus, to knit late on a Friday night when I’m too full of wine and exhaustion to do much else. You get the idea. It’s pretty.

Mum's cardigan

And if I work really, really hard and fast, I’ll get it done before winter in my mum’s part of world gets much colder.

Pressure? What pressure? Only that which I apply to myself, nothing more.



11 thoughts on “Long and Slow

  1. Hi Helen, Just browsing through and saw the photo of my cardigan. I was wondering how you were going with it. I love the colour and your tension is just so perfect. I look forward to seeing it finished. Love Mum xox

  2. I’ve admired the Crown Prince but felt daunted by the sheer size of it all. I love the color you chose.

    And I love the color your mother chose! It’ll be cheerful and gorgeous in the cold weather. Our weekend was so steamy that the thought of touching wool was anathema!

  3. Woo that shawl is so lovely. Daunting if you dont take it bit by bit. Like weight loss!! Small targets and dont give up!! It reminds me of the struggle i had knitting some fingerless mittens two years ago. I had fallen in the ice and broke both arms and had to have my left elbow replaced. For a number of weeks there was no crafting, although at that time i had seriously started beading and wire work. I could no longer thread needles or do fine work so set about returning to my first love, knitting. Each row of those mittens took an hour to do. But i did it! Like your shawl. You will do it. And anyway all birthdays are significant!!
    Love, Trish in England
    With the allotment!!

  4. Crown Prince is going to be so lovely! I see nothing wrong with marking a significant birthday by a work-in-progress of glorious beauty and magnitude rather than a checked box of something accomplished. 🙂

  5. Heheh, i think maybe there is a wee bit of avoidance with your small projects – but there’d be very few knitters who haven’t done the same thing!

    The colour of the laceweight is just so lovely.

    And your mum will just love her cardi, I am sure.

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