Adventures in Wonderland

I’ve long wanted to use a Wonderland title for a post about Alice and I think after our weekend adventures, it’s fitting. At last.

After months of waiting and planning and talking, we took our Best Girl Alice away for her first holiday with us. Her parents agreed to the idea earlier this year, thinking it was a wonderful opportunity for all of us. They weren’t wrong. We talked for months with her about going on a plane, about the friends we’d visit and what we’d do there. When the day arrived, she was about as fully prepared as a little girl could be. We were nervous and excited. So excited. Toys, snacks, books all packed for the journey, we set off for Queensland.

on the plane

We had talked all about how the houses down below would look very little. We explained about going up high above the clouds. She took it all in with great enthusiasm and joy.

Once we arrived in Brisbane and had to wait to collect our hire car, it all took its toll on the weary traveller who paused for a nap.

weary traveller

At our friends’ house in Brisbane there was a special sign on the door for her. It stayed there all weekend and she loved knowing her name was in bright shiny letters each time we opened the door.

A special welcome sign in Brisbane.

Before we went away, i spent an afternoon making two matching dresses for Alice and her new friend. Don’t they look lovely!


And as an aside, because we all know that no holiday would be complete without a bit of addiction feeding, my friend and I spent the morning at Tangled Yarns, a shop I was SO excited to see. I’ve bought from Kelly, who owns the shop, many times but had yet to go there. It was so, so pretty and bright and light and inviting. I shopped. I talked knitting with other addicts. Then I shopped some more. I bought great stuff. I’ll save that for later.

tangled yarns

On Sunday we visited the Gold Coast, where we have some family. We oversold it perhaps, with Alice longing for the beach. I’m afraid she was a bit disappointed with the bleak, grey day.


All the same, we had a lovely time there, with chasing birds, eating in a cafe, hanging out with family and counting many, many palm trees. By the end, we were all tired, but pleased.


We flew home on Monday, terribly happy with our first venture out into the world beyond the simple day trips we’ve done. It had gone so well. Very few hiccups and a wonderful sense of something we’d all shared.

Alice had stories to tell Mummy and Daddy and was bursting with new experiences and words and a promise from us that we’d do it again some day.

We can’t wait.



15 thoughts on “Adventures in Wonderland

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  2. oh my goodness, I can’t tell you how emotional this post made me! what a wonderful experience for all of you – to be able to travel together on adventures afar. so glad you all had such a great time, despite the disappointment of the cloudy beach day 😉

    can’t wait for more adventures in wonderland!

  3. Great trip, well planned and thought out before! And now Alice has her own blog post to look at the pictures on the iPad. Looks like so much fun. Alice is truly blessed to have you in her life.

  4. Look at those two little dolls, each with an iPad or some such tablet. When I was that age it would have been coloring books and crayons. I’m so old. Sounds like an excellent holiday and just the right length. Thanks for sharing.

  5. What a lovely story of your wonderful trip, Helen. So glad you all had a terrific time. And I’m SO jealous of your trip to Tangled Yarns. I really want to get up there sometime…

  6. You were in Brissy and didn’t visit Threads and More!?!?!….coffee and yarny goodness (and my local knitting haunt!).

  7. What a great trip! And how cool to have a welcome sign on the front door, and matching outfits with your new friend. Not to mention a visit to TY!

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