When friends ask for knitwear……

As knitters, we’re no strangers to having people ask us to make something for them. It happens from time to time. Sometimes it’s nice. Sometimes it’s a pain, like the time I was asked to replicate a 20 year old fine gauge cashmere jumper. Ah, no. Not today. Not tomorrow.  Not ever. Nothing personal but I have a list of people in my life to knit for again and again before I do something like that for a casual acquaintance.

Sometimes, the request to make something comes from a friendly, welcome quarter and you know at once you’ll do it because it’s just a nice thing to do. A friend at work saw my Rusting Leaves beret a couple of months ago and I knew from the way her eyes lit up that it was love. We were standing in the cafe downstairs in our building and she said to me ‘what do I have to do to convince you to make one for me?’ I replied ‘buy me lunch when it’s done’ and so it came to pass and last week I got a lovely lunch because I made this.

rusting leaves 1

She told me she wanted red and I recalled a skein of Colinette Jitterbug in Vatican Pie in my stash. It’s been there forever, asking me not to make it into socks. It’s a beret, I said as I pictured it. It’s absolutely a beret for Anna. When I showed it to her, a heavenly chorus of angels rang out overhead. Vatican Pie was indeed her red.

rustling leaves 2

What else can I say about this hat, which appears in the book, Coastal Knits? Not much. I said it all last time. Lovely pattern. The way the leaves work towards the centre is just so clever and pleasing.

And when you put it on your friend’s head and see her smile, it’s even better. Especially over lunch and a glass of wine. Not all knitting requests are a pain. Some of them are really, really nice.

While we’re on a red thing, I must show you these. When we were in Brisbane last week my friend gave me a pair of French Press felted slippers.

My ruby French Press Slippers. Delightful gift from a friend. So soft and pretty.

I am wondering how I have ever lived without red felted slippers. I wear them over stockings around the house and my feet just feel so pretty! I’m in a bit of a swoon over them. What a treat!



10 thoughts on “When friends ask for knitwear……

  1. What a nice friend you are to knit for your friends! My friends know not to ask me to knit things for them … they also know that they will always get a handmade something for their birthdays or just for being my friend! 🙂

  2. I have wood floors. I’m always afraid the slippers will be too slippery but I love the way they look. I’ve been investigating putting some silicone dots on the bottoms.

    It’s nice to get a knitted gift, isn’t it?

  3. I’ve seen that slipper pattern about and thank you for sharing your lovely friend’s beautiful work.
    Yes I will knit for special friends but a fine gauge cashmere jumper?? I think not!! Lovely beret!!

  4. Those are great slippers! I’m always worried that if I make felted slippers, they won’t actually fit me once the felting is done. Which is probably dumb, because they’ll fit someone I know, surely!

    The hat is great. And isn’t Vatican Pie everyone’s red?! Such a great colour.

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