Three Doilies

When a friend commissions you to knit thre doilies for him, it’s almost an act of kindness. I haven’t really figured out a place for doilies in my life, but I love knitting them so if someone else wants them, it really is Helpful to me!

Here are three doilies I made from a great book, Knitted Lace, by Sonja Esbensen and Anna Rasmussen. A delightfully presented book with 50 patterns.

Three doilies

My friend David asked for these as a way to protect a vintage table. The smaller ones were so quick to make. I made the last one in a matter of hours on Friday!


I’d like to become better at blocking them. They still don’t sit the way I would like. Perhaps I need to iron them once they’re off the blocking pins?

Either way they’re pretty and delicate and my mother has asked for some small ones too so I have a reason to make more.

Cecille doily

I think soon though I might tackle a bigger one, like a table cloth size, or at least a large centerpiece. Sometimes when the little ones are done, I feel like it came to a premature end.



17 thoughts on “Three Doilies

  1. They’re so pretty! Are you serious about wanting to make them for people? If you ever get bored then give me a yell, my mum and MIL would love them! I reckon I could do with a few around here too. Never thought I’d be a doily person but I reckon a well-placed one looks so delicate and refined šŸ˜‰

  2. They are just lovely, you inspired me to borrow a doily knitting book from the Library. I think your blocking has made the edging so beautiful.

  3. I remember my mother pressing doilies – use thick padding and press on the wrong side through a damp teatowel so you don’t flatten the stitches. Starching can help too – but I don’t know if you can even buy starch anymore!

  4. They are looking good. The only doily I use in our entire house is a linen fabric one which keeps the rough base of our ceramic fruit bowl from scratching our timber table. The doily cannot be seen and, though quite pretty, its function is purely utilitarian. Mum gave me a book of knitted doily patterns but I’ve never desired to make any – but you have inspired me to someday give it a try.

  5. just beautiful. I remember my Nana “pressing” her doilies, so maybe a light iron after blocking?

    a tablecloth size is ambitious- I think you are just the girl to do it though!!

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