Moss Stitch Shawl Collared Jacket for My Mum

Earlier this year, my mum asked me to knit her a cardigan. She’d spotted one she liked in the selection put out by Bendigo Woollen Mills and knew the colour she wanted. Although we ordered everything almost immediately, it took a few months for me to clear the decks and get started. That was mid April. In my mind I always knew I’d want to have it done by the time my parents visited for my birthday in mid July, but what I didn’t predict was how much time would be needed to do all the finishing!

The knitting was simple enough – all stocking stitch and moss stitch, in pieces, which made for nice bus and night time knitting between other smaller projects, over a couple of months.

Getting it to the point of finished took me the better part of a weeks’ worth of long days last week, during which I wasn’t at work. Thank goodness! It’s what made it possible to meet the deadline. And meet it I did, literally getting it done at 4pm the day before she arrived!! Here it is. At last. Happily modelled by my mum, Wendy, while I visited my parents this week.

Mum's cardigan
One of the nerve wracking things is that my mum has been working hard at losing some weight this year and in the time between starting the cardigan and finishing it, she trimmed down a fair bit. I was worried it’d be swimming on her. As it is, it works well as a lovely, warm winter jacket.

Mum's cardigan

She wanted it to be a longer piece, for added comfort and warmth so the length is great on her. I look at that photo and think of the days spent seaming and finishing that moss stitch collar. Mum, I was so happy to make this for you but if I never do a moss stitch collar  with endless short rows for shaping, it’ll be too soon!

Mum's cardigan

See how it’s done up with a shawl pin? I had, for months, had a large button in mind. One with a black and white print on it. I felt certain it would be the right fastener. Then I tried and I felt unsure. In a panic last week I turned to twitter and everyone who responded to my poll, bar one or two, said no. The button was too out there for a middle aged mum. My mum found this hilarious and actually decided the ‘out there button’ was exactly what she wanted.

We sewed it on and then thought no, maybe not, because we saw then that the shawl pin was actually perfect. I had it with me in my work bag only by chance and I was happy to donate it to her. She likes the way it holds the cardigan securely and looks a little different. Doesn’t it look great?

My mum's cardigan! Three months' work is finally done!

This really was a significant undertaking – the first pieced cardigan I’ve done in a long time. I used just over 800g of Bendigo Woollen Mills Rondo (which is an 8ply pure wool) in Lime Zest, a colour which I was unsure of at first but which grew on me and which really pleases my mum.

I know that every time I see her in it (which won’t be often since she lives nearly three hours away) I’ll be reminded of the week I spent racing against time to get it finished for her and I’ll feel it was time very well spent.

The pattern is PT8303 available as a leaflet from Bendigo Woollen Mills.



18 thoughts on “Moss Stitch Shawl Collared Jacket for My Mum

  1. Your mum looks fabulous in her cardi – what a lovely gift 🙂 Whenever my mum visits she tries on all my newest knitwear – last year she chose a Leisl, this year it was arch-shaped socks!

  2. Hi Bells! Your mum looks lovely in her new cardi! I think the shawl pin is perfect! Just beautiful! Wow, you are a fast knitter! I’m knitting my mum a shawl at the moment -aiming for her birthday in October!:-)

  3. Your mum looks fabulous in her new cardigan. It’s perfect and she’s a great model. I, of course, love the colour!! You’re a very kind daughter.

  4. Your mum looks great in the cardigan & I love the moss st shawl collar. It’s a great idea to use the shawl pin as it puts the final touch on the collar. Great work.

  5. I’ve been knitting for just over four years now and have never found a sweater I like enough to knit for myself. This is a definite possibility! You Mum’s got great taste and the color is just beautiful.

  6. Very nice! Cardigans are awesome for weight changes – as I’ve learned the hard way. A while back my aunt asked me to make her a very specific pullover. I spent months and months on it, and she was very enthusiastic and appreciative, and wore it all the time until the weather warmed up. Then over the summer she lost 30 pounds. Great for her, but I don’t think the pullover will ever see the light of day again. 😦

  7. It’s gorgeous! And I didn’t realize the button was for your mum and would never think anything wasn’t right based on age–I just didn’t think the black & white went well with that shade green–but I’ve never been a fan of black with soft colors or pastels. The wood of the shawl pin looks perfect, though.

  8. I came out great, Bells! I am sure she will wear it every day she can and think of you. What a wonderful gift. BTW, I can totally see your face in hers – you look so much alike!

  9. Your mum looks really pleased! I love the colour. At first I thought it might be BWM Luxury “Leaf” but it’s a bit more yellow.

    I want to knit myself a jacket/cardigan but can’t find the right pattern – long length, like your mum’s, but button through with a very high v neck! Fussy, ain’t I? LOL

  10. The cardigan looks great on your mum and I like the use of a shawl pin. I have never knitted anything for my mum as she is a knitter too and likes to make her own garments. I have knitted my dad a sweater which was a huge undertaking and now he only wears it “for good” instead of wearing it in the garden which I take as a huge compliment. You and your mum look so alike too.

  11. What a great thing to do for your mum – I really should do the same, but such a big undertaking! An awesome achievement and so glad she is pleased with it. I bet she wears it often so she can tell all who admire it that “my clever daughter made it for me!”

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