Tiny Tea Leaves Cardigan

While I was in Queensland last month, I visited the gorgeous shop, Tangled Yarns and one of my purchases was some Berocco Ultra Alpaca, which I chose specifically for a Tiny Tea Leaves Cardigan for Alice. Kelly, the owner of Tangled Yarns keeps a wonderful selection of buttons so I chose those there too.

tiny tea leaves1

When next I talked knitting with Alice (oh yes, we talk knitting now, although I don’t know she thinks of it that way) she told me she wanted a blue cardigan. Just as well I’d chosen a nice, smokey blue colour for her. I knitted most of it while staying at my parents house earlier this month and finished it this weekend.

Today, Alice and I got to spend the day in town together, having an adventure, and she modelled for me. You may recognise the Star Queenie hat from a couple of months ago.

tiny tealeaves4

Nothing astounding to say about this cardigan except that it’s a very cute child version of the adult pattern, Tea Leaves, which I’ll no doubt make for myself at some point. As always, that lovely top down construction works a treat. I added an extra button to this pattern – I thought the two buttons as written were just a little too far apart.

I think it goes so well with a pair of jeans. The more I knit for Alice, the more drawn I am to the practical, wearable pieces. The ones I know she can run and jump and play in, more so than the show pieces that might get saved for special occasions. Kids grow too fast to do too many of those. That said, the Ultra Alpaca isn’t cheap – I paid $18 a skein for three skeins – only using two in the end, so this is a bit of a luxury, really.

tiny tealeaves3

I really fell in love with the Berocco Ultra Alpaca. Wow. New favourite alpaca, for sure. So intensely soft. Every time we hugged today, I ran my hand up and down her strong little back and felt it beneath that soft, gorgeous fibre. I just wanted to hug her all day! Nothing unusual about that really.

tiny tea leaves2

Finally, before we left the house this morning, I snapped this brief (12 sec) video of Alice knitting. She has started picking up my shawls that are strewn around the house and threading circular needles through them, calling it knitting. I need hardly tell you what this does to me.



23 thoughts on “Tiny Tea Leaves Cardigan

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  4. Start ’em young, I always say! The little tyke I babysit for likes to “Knit” too! He always asks me what I’m making. Alice is such a beautiful model and your knitting is beautiful as well. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Alice is a very natural model. She just looks happy and comfortable in her self. (which is how we want her to be!) It’s a cute pattern and looks like she’ll be able to run and play. Those kinds of sweaters get so much more wear (and who wouldn’t want to wear an alpaca sweater?)

  6. I love that Tiny Tea Leaves pattern! Totally lovely -Alice is just so precious! She will grow up to be a great knitter, just like her talented autie!:-)

  7. Alice looks so gorgeous in her knitted outfit. It’s so nice to be able to see your handknits being worn so beautifully.

  8. She is so adorable! I loved seeing her knitting too. The Tiny Tea Leaves cardigan is beautiful on her and matches her hat. Yes I totally agree that knititng beautiful things for kids is that they dont last in them for very long but all the more enjoyment for knitting more. I always hand my knits onto someone else who will love them just as much!

  9. She is soooo cute. I love the cardigan you knit her, and she is so adorable knitting a cardigan herself. She is going to grow up and knit just like Auntie Bells. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Heh heh, her “knitting” is very cute! If only it were that easy!

    The cardi is very cute, and a really good colour for Alice (lucky she picked blue! Heh heh). I am looking forward to knitting with my Ultra Alpaca too, I have the Light, I think.

  11. What a little cutie and the hat suits her too. I think the extra button ws a good idea, especially on a child . Love the whole outfit.

    Next thing it will be real stitches!

  12. Berroco Ultra Alpaca is awesome – I don’t remember it being so expensive, though. I suppose shipping adds to it. Alice looks cute, as always! And so does her cardigan. I’ve made a couple of the tiny tea leaves (and one grown up) and have had to crochet the neckline to bring it in a bit – did you need to?

    • Oh no I didn’t have to adjust the neck at all. It was only after when I was looking on Ravelry that I saw some people had really wide necks on theirs. Not sure how that happened. Perhaps it’s because I’m such a tight knitter? Which might explain why a size 4 fits a small girl so well.

      Also, I didn’t pay for shipping. I bought it in a shop in Brisbane in person – but it is imported so I guess that’s it.

  13. Oh, my goodness! She is soooo adorable I can hardly stand it!
    Berroco Ultra Alpaca has long been one of my very favorites. The light is nice as well. Thanks for sharing Alice with us.

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