Alpaca Beret

After I finished Alice’s Tiny Tea Leaves cardigan recently, I had a full skein of the Berroco Ultra Alpaca left and so almost at once I cast on a new hat for me. I wanted something warm, thick and comforting to wear. Enter Meret. What’s a Meret, I hear you ask? Well it’s really just a beret, but it was initially released by Woolly Wormhead as a Mystery Beret – which became a Meret. It’s a lovely free pattern and here’s mine.


And from the back.


Such a fun, fast knit. So soft, warm and smooshy.

Berets I’ve made so far have ended up being quite loose in the band, rendering them a little too floppy to wear easily. I like that this one has the option to knit a rolled brim first, followed by some rib, then the pattern, which I then made slouchy by knitting two extra repeats.


I really like the slouchiness. You can’t possibly mistake it for a beanie when it’s got all that extra fabric.


One of the best things I’m finding as a relative newcomer to regular hat wearing is the way it beautifully covers up grey roots and bad hair days. Of course this doesn’t solve the problem of grey roots or a bad hair day in the office. Can’t imagine it’s the done thing to keep a hat on all day at work, is it? I don’t know. I’ll find out next week when I go back.

At any rate, this is the first winter I’ve made hats with any regularity and I like it. There’s so much scope for adding accessories and warmth with little effort. And just like when I started wearing calf length boots a few months ago, discovering that I’d had cold calves but didn’t know that until I had warm calves, I didn’t know my head got cold until I put on a warm hat. Isn’t it funny the things we discover, often just by accident?



10 thoughts on “Alpaca Beret

  1. It’s a lovely hat.

    I suffer mostly from cold knees – should try knitting some knee warmers, I think! Wonder if there are any knitted in the round on Ravelry…

  2. Well this is very timely, I was looking for beret patterns the other night on Ravelry as I plan to make one for my SIL for Christmas. Will check this one out. Looks great. I never know what to do with my fringe when I attempt to wear hats.

  3. Lovely Meret & you look so good in it. Love the color too. I look terrible in any hat/beret & the only time I wore a beanie was when we were up in Falls Creek & it was snowing.

  4. It’s a gorgeous hat, Bells! I use headbands on those root-showing days (or weeks). I found a henna color (dark brown) that works great for me and doesn’t look orangey or purplish at all, but the store was out of it for three weeks!! Finally took care of it this weekend.

    Tiny tea leaves is one of the patterns I have as a possibility for Grace–she’d like a sweater in Dream in Color Starry. It’s sparkly. 🙂

  5. I have “shapely” calves and have always had problems finding boots to fit them so I have been without boots for years. I’m going to make it my mission to find a good pair this coming year. As for hats, well I can’t get over hat head. Maybe a beret that didn’t fit tightly would be ok. Your Meret looks great on you. With the sunglasses, you are the epitome of cool!

  6. That is so funny what you say about not knowing something until you experience it yourself. I never wore hats until I discovered slouchy ones, and was so surprised by how much warmer one really is when one wears a hat. Who knew? Mom was right!

  7. It’s gorgeous! I’ve knit a few beanies that I don’t wear – I used to at least ski in them but now I always wear a helmet. My head has been cold this winter and I am knitting myself a new slouchy hat, but not fast enough…. I really want my hat NOW. I know what you mean about boots, I’ve been wearing them for a few winters and now I have trouble with the idea of wearing a skirt and shoes on a cold day. Even though I will wear trousers which are not much warmer.

  8. That’s a really good pattern and a great colour for you. I like a slouchy hat too, so much more flattering than a beanie (which do not suit me at all!)

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