Flourish Shawl

I feel like I’m just presenting a parade of finished projects lately. I suppose all that hard work in June and the start of July really paid off. That, combined with being on leave all this month means that I’m flying through all the projects I’ve had on the go for some time. It’s been great fun!

When I found myself in possession of an enormous skein of Blue Moon Fibre Arts Mopsy (a Merino, Nylon, Angora blend in worsted weight) I knew it wouldn’t be long before I found the right shawl for it. It was always going to be a shawl. A big, warm, winter weight shawl. Pretty soon I found a pattern by a designer I’d not come across before, Flourish by Rose Beck. Yes, another triangle shawl but I make no secret of my love for them. It was on the needles in the blink of an eye and made for some lovely comfort knitting throughout July.


Even though it hasn’t turned out to be quite the large shawl I hoped for, its dense warmth more than makes up for it – I’ve worn it pretty much constantly since I finished it nearly two weeks ago.

I would go so far as to call this an instant classic – the kind of knitted garment that becomes immediately indispensible in your wardrobe. I hardly take it off.

This photo shows how thick it is.

flourish detail

And it’s a pretty true representation of the colour of the Mopsy, too, which is a shade called called Aubergenius. A sort of dusky purple.


I just love this shawl. Flourish is easily one of my happiest, most enjoyable and comforting knits, both on and off the needles, so far. I’ve been eyeing off other shawls by Rose Beck since I finished Flourish – like Lattice, Forgotten Garden or the Crocus Shawlette. So much loveliness!



8 thoughts on “Flourish Shawl

  1. Gorgeous shawl & you did a lovely job. I like Rose’s designs too. Knitting a big shawl is also on my list but somehow I have not got to it.

  2. What a nice, thick shawl that is. I wear my large red shawl all the time in the winter. It’s so comforting to wrap wool around your shoulders. I like the pattern in this one. It’s simple and works well with the yarn. Good choice! The color works well with your hair.

  3. Pretty! And she does have some great ones, doesn’t she? I first found her when there was that Kate shawl craze going on… Haven’t made any yet, though, due to wips I’m trying to finish up first. Maybe next year I’ll do a shawl-a-month challenge instead of the sweater one I’m doing now – I’m starting to get sick of sweaters!

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