A Mug Mat

I’d never heard of a mug mat. I only stumbled across the notion when I was looking for small quilting projects. After several biggish quilting projects, I knew I wanted a few small things to make – that instant gratification, the equivalent of knitting a hat after you’ve spent months on an intricate lace shawl.

Mug mats, which are rather like a quilted place mat, just a little bit smaller, seemed like a nice way to get a quilting fix without the commitment. They’re supposed to be a little mat where you can sit a hot drink and a piece of cake, or, for later in the day, a glass of wine and some cheese and crackers. You’ve got to love a multi-purpose project!

What I love about the mug mat I made today is between choosing a pattern, digging through my stash for scraps and completion, about three hours passed.

As far as quilting projects go, I don’t know that you could get more instant gratification!

And here it is. I chose a tutorial from here, chose fabric left over from Alice’s quilt, and three hours later had this.

Mug mat

It’s for my sister – Adele. When I finished Alice’s quilt, she said she wanted one ‘just like that one’ – and so, because I’m not in the mood for big projects just now, she can have a mug mat (or mug rug, as others call them) made from the fabric that caught her eye.

And the next time I’ve got three hours spare, I’m making one for me. And for my mum. And for anyone else who might want one. There are a bazillion ideas out there – and frankly I think you can just make any quilt block to do the job – so the sky’s the limit, really.

In happy chicken news (and let me tell you, my five chickens are all now very happy together. You’d think they’d always lived together), yesterday we celebrated the first egg from one of the new girls.

I came home from work to find it nestled in the straw in the nesting box, alongside an egg from the older girls. When chickens first start to lay, their eggs are tiny. Here, let me show you. This is an older chicken’s egg, next to a new chicken’s egg. The larger one is 69g and the smaller one is 39g. She’ll catch up.


In a few weeks I expect we’ll be inundated with eggs – five chickens laying just about every day means we’ll be giving a few away I think!



13 thoughts on “A Mug Mat

  1. Now that’s a sensible size quilt, hmmm if only I was here this weekend 🙂

    And yay for new girl egg.

    And definitely yes to blogging when it feels right!

  2. I think that would be a good way to try out different squares as well. Or also a good use for quilt squares that didn’t come out quite as expected. Your lines are so neat and perfect!

  3. Heh, I think I should make a mug mat for Connor – not so much for mugs, but for his lunch and snack plates! Bet it is nice to have a lovely little quick project after a full sized quilt.

    Lots of pavlova and custard and frittata and quiche and omelettes in your future, I think! And egg sandwiches! (I do love an egg sandwich!)

  4. Love the mug mat. It looks great & will also be good for a hot pot on the table. A friend just gave me a dozen blue eggs from her Aracauna chickens.

  5. Oh, wookie at dat cute widdle egg! Awesome! And I love the mug mat, too! Had never heard of them before, but can’t think why not – they’re such a good idea!

  6. mug mat is awesome! what a great little project, just enough to satisfy the stitch itch. those are very neat routes of top-stitching 😉

    and clever girls, your hens. a fine egg

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