White Lavender

I’m in the midst of a hat frenzy. Something has overcome me and I’m helpless. I want to make the most of the last brutal days of winter and use up single skeins, leftovers from other projects and have as much instant gratification as I can.

Partly this hat frenzy comes from the fact that on Instagram (photosharing site adored by smart phone and ipad users) I’m taking part in a hat a day meme, which was actually started by my brother in law. A small but devoted band of followers are taking part and at first, I thought I had nothing much to offer. I’ve got what, four hats? Then I started to think of all the hats I’ve made over the years and I decided I could share those. After that it occurred to me that I could just knit more! I know I won’t have enough hats to do the whole of September, but every day so far I’ve managed one and I know I can do more.

So here is the first hat I started for Hat A Day September (or #hatadaysept if you’re on twitter or instagram). It’s a hat I’ve wanted to make for a while, by perennial favourite, Tikki, or Georgie Hallam. It’s Lavender. And it’s lovely.

Lavender Hat

I started it on Aug 31 and finished it on September 3. It’s made from a discontinued Bendigo yarn, Mystique, which I only ever had one ball of, sadly. It’s a wool, alpaca and mohair blend and it’s lovely. Great hat yarn I think.

Lavender hat

The clever thing about this pattern is that Tikki worked out people hate purling in the round, so the hat is actually knit inside out. Genius.

I made this for my mum who recently asked for a creamy white hat, slouchy, to match her favourite scarf. I haven’t seen them paired yet, because I only posted this to her today, but I hope it’s a good match. I made the large size but probably could have made the medium. That said, I think a bit big is a safer bet than a bit too small, when it comes to hats.

I know someone will ask about the shawl I’m wearing – it’s an old one but one I pull out to wear all the time. It’s my Brangian shawl – details are here.

Lavender hat

I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to resist making one of these hats for myself. I’ve been wearing it this week, before posting it to my mum and it’s thick and warm and cosy – and given how much strong wind we’re experiencing at the moment, it’s heavy enough not to blow off easily!

Thanks to my sister Adele for taking the photos earlier this week when we managed to catch up in nearby Yass. Early morning in the hotel carpark was the best we could manage for the photoshoot but it worked out ok.

Stay tuned for more hats to come!



18 thoughts on “White Lavender

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  2. The hat looks great on you. I think we go through different frenzies. I was on a sock frenzy one & ended up with more than 30 pairs in a year!

  3. That’s so funny – I was wondering where you were! That’s not Bells’ house, I kept thinking… (It doesn’t take much to confuse me, as we know.) And I had the same question about your brother-in-law and hats that Lynne did! Anyway… great hat – very pretty!

  4. Is that a hat a day for you?? Do you need 30 hats??!! Love the hat, it’s another one I shall have to add to my list!! I knitted the Tortora hat inside out as I am not a big purling fan!!! Hats are pretty much instant gratification too.

  5. 3 things:
    1 – a meme. Is that what it is? Have always wondered about this word; now I’m in one!
    2 – I hadn’t realised it was started by Paul. Now I know.
    3 – “purling in the round” ( one of those technical term I don’t understand but now need to work into conversation. Cool!

  6. I’ve been resisting the urge to knit a hat, but I think I should just give in to it! This is a great pattern and looks good in this yarn – I’m sure your mother will love the gift.

  7. Still love your brangian. It was meeting ‘her’ in person at Bendi that persuaded me to buy the pattern and knit two of them in close succession. You should definitely wear more berets … They really suit you
    Xxox s

  8. That’s a great hat! If I were your mum, I’d love it!

    What a cool thing for your brother to start! Does he knit? Or is he posting about hats made by others?

    Do I need to investigate Instagram? I don’t Twitter or Facebook — blogging keeps me computer-busy enough!

    I’m off to a women’s conference this weekend and was just thinking a hat would be the perfect project — no waiting to get to the end of a row! I was going to take socks but I knit on dpns so the row thing still happens! And dropping teeny tiny stitches is always a possibility!

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