Rikke Hat

Variegated yarns can be tricky. Haven’t we all had our phases of stocking our stashes with skeins of multicoloured wonders? Haven’t we all, at some point, wondered just what we can make from those skeins?

Variegated yarns can be just so wrong. Sometimes they’re a clash of colours that when knitted up serve only to detract from the overall look of the project. We’ve all seen them. Unsightly at worst, not necessarily successful at best. And at other times, they just work. You find the marriage of project and yarn just comes together and you see that there is really a point to variegated yarns after all. I think my latest hat works really well. It’s Rikke, a nice free pattern I’ve had my eye on for a while.


The yarn is Cherry Tree Hill DK Super Glitz – a discontinued yarn that was given to me several years ago now by Louiz at Random Acts of Yarn. It’s sat in my stash for a long time, waiting. You can’t see from these photos, sadly, that it has tiny gold sparkles in it. That’s how subtle they are. It’s not heavily sparkled – just enough to be eye catching in person.

The sparkles for a long time suggested an Alice hat to me – but I tend not to knit gift yarns for other people – so it’s time finally arrived and it became this fun, slouchy hat for me.


Lots of people hate with a raging fury to purl in the round – but I found after this hat and other hats I made in September that it wasn’t too bad at all. I couldn’t quite see what the rage was all about. Sure it’s not my favourite way to spend my knitting hours but it was far from unpleasant.


I knitted it exactly to the pattern. There are plenty of ways to modify it noted by others, but I found it fitted me just fine. Some knitters find it too big and some feel the length/slouch is just a bit too funky – someone said that, yes! That as written it’s too funky. I just see it as something that’s not going to flatten my hair completely – next winter. Funky or not!

Yes, next winter – because it’s now officially too warm for winter hats. But let’s recap all the fun I had making hats over winter.

Hats of 2012

1. rikke, 2. Ishbel beret, 3. Queenie, 4. beamish, 5. Lavender hat, 6. meret3, 7. beret1, 8. Cute photo from this week., 9. hats, 10. rusting leaves 1

More hats than I’ve ever made in my whole decade or so of knitting. That’s a pretty good feeling.



10 thoughts on “Rikke Hat

  1. That’s a very nice hat collection. I don’t like garter stitch in the round, I don’t rage against it, but I try to avoid it by knitting the opposite way every second round!!!

  2. I agree with Catsmum – some yarns just need the simplest of patterns. The yarn is gorgeous and the hat looks lovely on you. I was in Katoomba last Saturday and that would have been very welcome! I’m told it was 8*C!

  3. I think that is a hat I could live with. It probably won’t flatten my hair. I do without them for mostly that reason. I try to use gift yarns for myself as well. It feels wrong to give them away to someone else. Louiz has good taste! The color suits you (blue seems to be your color) and the gold bits are just fun.

  4. Wow – that’s quite a collection of hats! Nice work! I don’t remember my Rikke being a big pain, either – it’s not like purling a whole sweater, right?

  5. You have been a hat making machine this year!

    That is a really nice hat but I would totally be knitting that flat and seaming it! I hate purling in the round – for me it is slower and more awkward, and I don’t particularly enjoy it.

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